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What must be done for IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite to allow an administrator to

specify a different set of properties for each process that is executed?

A. Have a different sandbox.cfg file for each process that is executed.

B. Have a different servers.properties and customer_overrides.properties file for each process that

is executed.

C. Have the same servers.properties file but a different customer_overrides.properties file for each

process that is executed.

D. Have a different servers.properties file for each process that is executed. The

customer_overrides.properties file does not affect thisconfiguration.

Answer: B



When can a Data Replication Domino be created from the WebSphere Application Server V6

administrative console?

A. While adding a new cluster member to the cluster or clicking on Cluster member -> Replication

Domino -> New

B. While creating the cluster or clicking on Environment -> Replication Domino -> New

C. While configuring session management on each cluster member or clicking on Resources ->

Replication Domain -> New

D. The administrative console does not support creation of the Data Replication Domain at this


Answer: B


A developer is comparing a Configuration schema from the Test environment with a Configuration

schema from the Production environment using the Configuration Deployment Tool (CDT). Some

Master tables, such as YFS_CUSTOMER and YFS_USER, do not exist in either the source or

target schema. The CDT throws “table not found” errors. Which command enables the CDT to

ignore the missing tables?

A. ydk.sh -IgnoreMasterTables Y

B. ydk.sh -IgnoreMissingTables Y

C. ydk.sh -IgnoreTablesNotFound Y

D. ydk.sh -IgnoreMasterTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

E. ydk.sh -IgnoreMissingTables YFS_CUSTOMER YFS_USER

Answer: B



A company is receiving digitally signed SOAP/HTTPS messages to process payment transactions

from its business partner and verifies those messages using the Verify action. There is also a

requirement to use the signing certificate sent by the partner to encrypt the confidential response

message from the company back to the partner. To satisfy this requirement, the solution

implementer creates an Encrypt action with the \’Use Dynamically Configured Recipient Certificate\’

parameter to \’on\’. Which statement related to the scenario above is false?

A. The certificate created in the \’Recipient Certificate\’ field takes precedence over the dynamic

certificate input option.

B. The encrypt action will use the certificate defined in the variable

var://context/transaction/encrypting-cert to encrypt the message.

C. The dynamic certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message can be user-defined using the

syntax \’name:CertificateObjectName\’

D. The public certificate used to encrypt the outgoing message will be automatically extracted from

the incoming signed message while thesignature is verified in the Verify action.

Answer: A



A site using J2EE security to protect their application the websphere Application Server.An

Application is being assembled with Application Server Toolkit and needs to be configured for

security. All of these steps are appropriate in this case EXCEPT:

A. Creating the J2EE security roles

B. Creating the j2eesecurity.policy file

C. Creating the security constraints

D. Configuring the loin mechanism for the Web module

Answer: B