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After installing IBM i 7.1 on a brand new system, only the QSECOFR user profile can login on the system console. The administrator copied the QSECOFR profile into a new user profile. When attempting to login with the new user profile, the following error is displayed:

“CPF1110 not authorized to work station.”

What is causing the error?

A. The DST Console type was not set during installation of the Os.

B. The QLMT5ECOFR system value is set to require explicit device access.

C. The limit device session parameter (LMTDEV55N) on the new user profile is set to tYE5.

D. The system does not allow automatic workstation device creation for users with *ALLOBJ authority.

Correct Answer: B


A Worklight mobile application needs to aggregate news about stock symbols in a portfolio using Worklight

adapters and server-side JavaScript.

Given the following high-level schema for aggregation,

1.The application calls getPortfolioNews from the SQLPortfolioAdapter.

2.The SQLPortfolioAdapter retrieves a list of stock symbols in the portfolio from the adapter\’s SQL

datasource by calling getStockSymbolList.

a. For each of the stock symbols in the portfolio, The SQLPortfolioAdapter calls getStockNews from

HTTPStockNewsAdapter with the stock symbol as parameter.

b. HTTPStockNewsAdapter retrieves news from the stock news HTTP API and returns it to


3.SQLPortfolioAdapter returns portfolio news to the application.

Which procedure(s) must be declared in the SQLPortfolioAdapter.xml file?

A. getPortfolioNews

B. getPortfolioNews and getStockNews

C. getPortfolioNews and getStockSymbolList

D. getPortfolioNews, getStockSymbolList and getStockNews

Correct Answer: A


A storage specialist needs to create a new host connection using the DSCLI. Which of the following

parameters identifies the host?

A. hosttype

B. volume group




Correct Answer: D


Which two segment types are provided in IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite?

A. Made to fulfill

B. Made to order

C. Made to stock

D. Made to demand

E. Made to customer

Answer: B,E



A large customer is consolidating their pSeries systems onto a p5 590. They will have a

requirement for a single device (disk, lun) to have multiple paths through different adapters in a

single LPAR. The primary applications were written for AIX 5.2. Which of the following would be

the recommended solution to satisfy this requirement?

A. Assign the adapters to a Virtual IO partition

B. Use the MPIO function included in AIX 5.2

C. Migrate the application to AIX 5.3 and use the MPIO function

D. Set up two Virtual IO partitions and attach both partitions to the device

Answer: B