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An administrator determines that the system slows down whenever a specific query is run and that IDX-FILEA displays when a WRKACTJOB is performed.

Which tool or command can assist the administrator in determining what is causing this to occur?



C. System i Navigator Index Adviser

D. IBM Systems Director Database Manager

Correct Answer: C


An administrator has been provided with a POWERS system for a disaster recovery test. The Licensed

Internal Code has been loaded and the disks initialized.

The recovery of IBM i 7.1, which had originally been saved on a Power 720, failed.

Which action will resolve the problem?

A. Use a D-Mode IPL to install the operating system.

B. Restart the recovery specifying the Target Release parameter as 7.1.

C. Install the operating system with the *PREV option and specify POWERS as the system to restore to.

D. Slip-install the LIC from the source system backup, and then continue with the remainder of the install.

Correct Answer: D


After installation of Licensed internal code (LIC) and the base operating system, the administrator IPLs with “B Normal”. After the IPL completes, the administrator received the following message when attempting to complete the installation:

CPF3D8F: Cannot install library QGPL.

What is wrong and what must the administrator do to continue the installation?

A. Subsystems other than the controlling subsystem are running.End all subsystems and start installing the licensed programs again.

B. The IPL partition settings were not correct.Change the settings to “A Manual”, IPL the system again, then start installing the licensed programs.

C. The IPL should not have been run until the installation of licensed programs was successfully completed. Start the process again from the beginning.

D. The option to install the library QGPL was skipped during installation of the base operating system. Run the installation process again, install the QGPL library, and then continue the installation.

Correct Answer: A


The WebSphere Rapid Deployment(WRD) tool is running in the automatic allocation mode. All of

the following enterprise applications will be deployed if the file types are placed below in WRD\’s

monitored directory EXCEPT.

A. An Enterprise Archive (EAR) file.

B. A Web module (WAR) file.

C. An EJB module JAR file.

D. A Resource Adapter Archive (RAR) file.

Answer: D


A developer is building as EJB that will have exclusive access to a confidential military database.

The developer therefore does not want the EJB to be clustered or workload managed. In a

conference with the system administrator, the developer is advised to use which caching option

when building the bean?

A. Option A Caching

B. Option B Caching

C. Option C Caching

D. Dynamic Caching

Answer: A