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A web page in a Worklight mobile application invokes a native page using the following function call:

WL.NativePage.show(“com.demo.NativePage”, parm2, data); What needs to be passed to the native page

in the parm2 parameter?

A. the name of an HTML error page that is displayed in case of error

B. the function object that is called upon return from the native page


the name of a native error-handler class that is invoked in case of error


the URL of the web page that is displayed upon return from the native page

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Correct Answer: B


Which statement is true about a session ID or handle?

A. It is always provided dynamically from a datapool.

B. It is identified automatically as a datapool candidate, so the tester can optionally link it to a


C. It is usually generated dynamically in a custom code segment.

D. It is usually correlated automatically to a reference in an earlier response.

Answer: D


Service Focal Point, Inventory Scout, and DLPAR rely on correct setup and networking between

the HMC and the logical partitions. Which authentication method is used to control session

management, but also authentication between network peers?

A. Kerberos

B. Domain Name Server

C. Secure Sockets Layer

D. Resource Monitoring and Control

Answer: D


Companycom has just purchased a p5 570 with AIX 5.3. The customer would like to add a

training LPAR to the system, but no processors are available. All of the partitions are using

dedicated resources. The test LPAR is using one processor and has a 90% CPU idle rate. What

can be done to setup this training LPAR quickly without disabling their current environment?

A. Use AIX 5.3 which supports micro-partitioning for both the test and training LPARS

B. Use DLPAR to move resources from the test LPAR to training when training is active

C. Install Partition Load Manager to share resources between the test and training environments

D. Install Advanced Power Virtualization and then use micro-partitioning for both the test and

training LPARs

Answer: D


What is the default number of NPIV adapters which can be assigned by the Power Hypervisor?

A. 500

B. 1024

C. 32000

D. 65536

Correct Answer: C