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A Power Systems server is configured with a VIO server and several client LPARs. The administrator

wants to use the padmin user to create a script, which will run on the VIO server to back it up to a remote

system. Script output must be collected. How can this be achieved?

A. Create a backup script in /home/padminRun the script redirecting stdout and stderr to a log file

B. Create a backup script in /usr/ios/cliRun “crontab -e root” to configure root to run it and redirect the


C. Create a backup script in /home/padminUse ssh from a remote system to run the script and capture the

output on the remote system.

D. Create a backup script in /usr/ios/cliUse the “script” command in the shell program, to collect the


Correct Answer: C


A design company has a process with 4 activities. The activity that occurs first is Submit Design and it is

implemented as a Human Service. The next two activities, Review Design Engineering and Review Design

Colors, occur in parallel, are always executed, and are both implemented as a Subprocess. The final

activity Approve Design, is implemented as a Human Service and occurs after Review Design Engineering

and Review Design Colors have both been completed.

Select the business process diagram that matches the description of the company\’s process.

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100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

A. Exhibit A

B. Exhibit B

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C. Exhibit C

D. Exhibit D

Correct Answer: B


A BPM application developer needs to interact with business process definition related REST API calls.

These calls should return JavaScript objects. What is the content type that the BPM application developer

needs to specify?

A. application/json

B. application/xml

C. application/x-javascript

D. application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Correct Answer: A

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An administrator would like to create AIX 5.2 Workload Partitions (WPARs) on a new POWER7 system.

Which of the following is the minimum needed to achieve this?

A. PowerVM Enterprise Edition AIX 5.2 Workload Partitions for AIX

B. PowerVM Standard Edition WPAR Manager 2.1

C. AIX 7.1 Express EditionAIX 5.2 Workload Partitions for AIX

D. AIX 7.1 Enterprise Edition WPAR Manager 2.1

Correct Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to configure a front side handler in a multi-protocol gateway service

that only accepts messages from applications servers that are in the subnet. What

can the solution implementer configure in a front side handler to restrict messages to the subnet?

A. Specify a Local IP Address of

B. Specify a Port Number to a value in the ephemeral port range

C. Specify an Access Control List with an entry of “allow”

D. Specify a SSL Proxy Profile that requires a client side certificate signed by a trusted certificate


Answer: C