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A pharmaceutical company has a requirement for 8.5 TB of usable storage for a new data center. The

customer has multiple host applications running on Solaris, Windows 2003, HP-U/X, Linux, and IBM

System i platforms. Which IBM System Storage DS8000 volume configuration provides the best

performance and highest availability for this customer?


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D. RAID 10

Correct Answer: D


A customer has no available floor space for expansion and room for only one disk enclosure pair in their

DS8700. Four disk enclosure pairs are required to meet the current I/O needs of a data warehousing

application. They are only utilizing 10% of their total capacity. Another application workload needs to be

added to the system but requires two disk enclosure pairs. The customer is considering SSD and Easy

Tier. Which of the following is the primary function of Easy Tier?

A. reduce power consumption per unit of storage

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B. balance the total workload with other DAs


automatically moves hot spots to the appropriate resource


SANtiering permits more flexibility by adding additional data paths

Correct Answer: C


A customer with a single IBM System Storage DS8100 reports severe performance problems for some of

their applications when a particular data warehousing application creates a heavy load. What is the most

cost effective way to resolve this issue?

A. add additional disks to the DS8100

B. add more cache to the DS8100

C. move affected volumes to a different disk enclosure

D. implement TPC for Disk to monitor performance

Correct Answer: C

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An administrator is attempting to apply a Fix Pack to an VIO server which is not connected to a network.

The administrator loaded the Fix Pack DVD into the drive. The updates command fails with an error stating

that the local SAS optical drive is busy.

What must be verified before attempting to use the optical drive?

A. That the appropriate SAS adapter is allocated to the VIO LPAR.

B. That the device is mounted with Read/Write permissions.

C. That the media repository on the VIO LPAR is forced offline.

D. That the optical device is allocated to the VIO LPAR.

Correct Answer: D


When should you use a synchronization point when conducting a performance test?

A. to run multiple tests simultaneously

B. to time the start and end of performance tests

C. to enable you to coordinate the activities of a number of virtual users

D. to work with multiple performance test tools

Answer: C