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A company has DataPower XI52 physical appliances supporting its production environment. The

only optional feature that these appliances support is the Option for Application Optimization. The

company also uses DataPower Integration Appliance XI52 Virtual Edition for Non Production

Environment for its development and test environment. Development management is concerned

about their developers using features on the virtual appliance that are not licensed on the

production appliances. How can the solution implementer restrict the use of specific features on

the virtual appliances?

A. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and reinitialize the appliance.

B. Download the correctly-featured firmware from IBM Fix Central. Upload the firmware to the

virtual appliance and perform a boot image.

C. Download the appropriate feature_disable_tool.scrypt4 tools from IBM Fix Central. Upload each

tool to the virtual appliance and perform aboot image.

D. Copy the store:///license.xml file from a production appliance to the virtual appliance to limit the

virtual appliance to the production appliance\’slicensed features.

Answer: C



A performance analysis of a customer application revealed that the overhead of persistent HTTP

sessions was the main contributor to performance slow down. All of the following factors will help

with improving the performance of persistent HTTP session performance EXCEPT:

A. Reducing the size of the session object

B. Invalidating unneeded sessions

C. Increasing the memory available

D. Increasing the cache overflow size.

Answer: D


A developer has deployed the Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite using the WebSphere Hot

Deployment mode. To meet the implementation requirements, the developer created a new UI

screen for capturing Order Details. How can the developer access the new UI screen from within

the Application Console?

A. Restart Websphere.

B. The JSPs will load dynamically.

C. Rebuild the entities.jar file and restart WebSphere.

D. Rebuild the recources.jar file and restart WebSphere.

Answer: B



Which statement is true about cloud computing architecture?

A. Root access is not available for virtual machines running on the cloud.

B. All workloads provisioned in a cloud must support the same hypervisor.

C. Virtual machines provisioned on a cloud can be provisioned using both SAN and NAS.

D. The management components and managed workloads can run on the same underlying


Answer: C



When a user opens up Database Navigator for IBM i 7.1, only the QGPL database is initially available. The user needs the list of schemas to be available each time Database Navigator is opened.

What action can the administrator take to support the requirement?

A. Add the user to the authorization list QSM1 AUTL and restart the host servers.

B. In Application Administration for System i Navigator, enter a schema name and press the ADD button.

C. Create a supplemental group profile that has the needed list of libraries assigned and make the user a member of that supplemental group.

D. Create a job description with the appropriate list of libraries on it and assign the job description to the user. Have the user sign off and sign on again.

Correct Answer: D