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A solution implementer needs to immediately quiesce a DataPower appliance in the event of a power

supply failure. How can the solution implementer satisfy this requirement?

A. Configure an Event Filter for the power supply failure event to execute the “appliance-quiesce”


B. Configure an Event Trigger for the power supply failure event to execute the “appliance-quiesce”


C. Configure an Event Subscription for the power supply failure event to execute the “appliance- quiesce”


D. Create a Scheduled Processing Rule that parses the system log to execute the SOMA request to

quiesce the appliance.

Correct Answer: B


The Response Time Breakdown report shows a table for an aggregation of all instances of a

selected page element. Which two layouts are available? (Choose two.)

A. simple layout

B. hierarchical layout

C. table layout

D. UML layout

Answer: A,D


The threshold limit has been reached for the system ASP on a system running IBM i 7.1 . There are some disk units configured to a user ASP available. Business continuing policy prevents the administrator from stopping the system.

How could the system administrator correct the storage problem in the system ASP?

A. Increase the ASP threshold above the currently utilized storage.

B. Concurrently remove available disk units from user ASP using the “Remove units from configuration” SST option and add them to system ASP.

C. Switch to the backup system using an HA solution and restart the original system to DST. Remove the available disk units from user ASP and add them to system ASP.

D. Initiate a control panel function 21 to activate DST on the system console for the affected partition. Use the DST feature to compress the parity stripe to increase available storage.

Correct Answer: B


When configuring Micro-Partitioning into shared processor partitions, what limitations should be


A. Shared processors never affect AIX 5L affinity management.

B. Shared processors can only be implemented with AIX and not with Linux or i5OS.

C. A mix of dedicated and shared processors within the same partition is supported.

D. A mix of dedicated and shared processors within the same partition is not supported.

Answer: D


A customer with a single IBM System Storage DS8100 reports severe performance problems for some of

their applications when a particular data warehousing application creates a heavy load. What is the most

cost effective way to resolve this issue?

A. add additional disks to the DS8100

B. add more cache to the DS8100

C. move affected volumes to a different disk enclosure

D. implement TPC for Disk to monitor performance

Correct Answer: C — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass