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A SOAP message needs to be packaged with a JPEG. The requirement is to use SOAP with

Attachments. Where would the solution implementer include the attachment in the message?

A. A SOAP header

B. A non-root MIME part

C. The SOAP body

D. The root MIME part

Answer: B



A solution implementer has been provided the following security requirements to implement a

solution for a company to transact business with its business partners. ?Message Confidentiality none

can see the message in transit in clear text between the company and partner end points

?Message Integrity – no man-in-the-middle tampered with the message between the company and

partner end points ?Non-repudiation – be able to verify the senders are who they say they are

What actions should the solution implementer take to satisfy all the requirements?

A. Use SSL and create a digital signature solution with sign and verify actions.

B. Use SSL and create an asymmetric encryption on the message with encrypt and decrypt


C. Use SSL since it satisfies all the requirements without the use of either encrypt/decrypt actions

or sign/verify actions.

D. Use symmetric encryption and share the encryption key with the partner for both request and


Answer: A



Which step is required prior to the installation process of a new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)

server on AIX?

A. Confirm a web browser is set up properly and Java is enabled.

B. Ensure the tape library and drives are installed and configured completely.

C. Verify the operating system is supported and all necessary maintenance is included.

D. Ensure the network interface is available and configured with a minimum speed of 1Gbit.

Answer: C


Which component is needed to run a scheduled archive?

A. Client Polling

B. Server Schedule

C. Client Scheduler Service

D. Client Prompted Schedule

Answer: C


Which component of a cloud computing solution can assist in automating IT processes?

A. Service catalog B.

Workflow engine C.

Self-service portal

D. Virtualization platform manager

Answer: B



When planning a deployment what should be noted about the Virtual Media Repository when compared to

other storage visualization offered by a VIO Server?

A. The repository is vulnerable to VIO Server outage.

B. Only AIX and Linux LPARs can be clients of the repository.

C. DVD media must be virtualized through the repository in read-only mode.

D. Items within the repository must be virtualized through an NPIV adapter.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is setting up a new Power 720 server with LAN Console for the first time. The connection will use a dual port Ethernet card located in a PCIe card slot.

After the Operations Console software is installed, the PC is cabled to the server and TCP/IP connections are configured, the server is powered on.

What must the administrator do to complete the LAN Console configuration process?

A. IPL the system to B Manual mode and configure the console device.

B. Move the console and server network cables to the primary network.

C. IPL the system in normal mode, start DST and sign in with 1111111.

D. Set the console adapter location using the control panel functions.

Correct Answer: D


Your job sequence must be restartable. It runs Job1, Job2, and Job3 serially. It has been compiled

with “Add checkpoints so sequence is restartable”. Job1 must execute every run even after a

failure. Which two properties must be selected to ensure that Job1 is run each time, even after a

failure? (Choose two.)

A. Set the Job1 Activity stage to “Do not checkpoint run”.

B. Set trigger on the Job1 Activity stage to “Unconditional”.

C. In the Job1 Activity stage set the Execution action to “Run”.

D. In the Job1 Activity stage set the Execution action to “Reset if required, then run”.

E. Use the Nested Condition Activity with a trigger leading to Job1; set the trigger expression type

to “Unconditional”.

Answer: A,D



Which of the following is a well4ormed XML document?

A. <?xml version=


An engineering company has requested a process to handle its engineering reviews. The

company breaks up its engineering reviews in the following ways:

-Complex engineering efforts are handled by the Senior Engineers participant group (PG)

-Moderate engineering efforts are handled by the Associate Engineers PG ?Simple engineering

efforts are handled by the Apprentice Engineers PG

-All other engineering efforts are handled by the All Engineers PG

Review the business process diagram (BPD) below and the specified behavior of the Engineers


The Review Engineering Effort activity\’s assignment is based on a routing policy. The routing

policy is dictated by the value of the BPD\’s local variable engineeringEffort.

Which one of the following routing conditions for the Review Engineering Effort activity will satisfy

the company\’s request?

A. Exhibit A

B. Exhibit B

C. Exhibit C

D. Exhibit D

Answer: B