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A bank wants to be able to dynamically change the behavior of its DataPower mediations for certain

services after they have been deployed to production to quickly respond to minor changes in back end

services. Towards this purpose, the solution implementer configured rules with a transform action that

will dynamically run pre-tested style sheets. What should the solution implementer use to satisfy this


A. evaluate() extension function

B. pre-processing() extension function

C. transform() extension function

D. statement to include it dynamically at run time if the file exists

Correct Answer: C


How is connectivity verified between an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) server and TSM


A. query the server from the TSM client

B. attempt a test installation of a Backup-Archive Client

C. run the system check command from the Install wizard

D. perform the network verification process in theAdmin Center

Answer: A


Companycom has seven days of vmstat data on four p5 590 production LPARs of four

processors each. The data shows that all four LPARs have periodic utilizations of 90-95% lasting

several minutes in duration. However, the average utilizations of the four LPARs were between

15-30%. The vmstat data shows that the peak utilizations of each LPAR do not occur at the same

time. Which of the following should be set up?

A. A shared pool with four capped LPARs

B. A shared pool with four uncapped LPARs

C. Four dedicated LPARs and use DLPAR to manage resources effectively

D. The server in SMP mode and use WLM to manage resources effectively

Answer: B


A defective tape cartridge with a damaged barcode must be removed. Which command will

remove volume BA0002 from the library inventory?

A. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 BA0002 REMove=Bulk CHECKLabel=No FORCE=Yes

B. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 BA0002 REMove=Bulk CHECKLabel=Yes FORCE=Yes

C. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 VOLRange=BA0002 REMove=No CHECKLabel=No


D. CHECKOut LIBVolume TSMLIB1 VOLRange=BA0002 REMove=No CHECKLabel=Yes


Answer: B


The storage specialist needs to prepare an IBM System Storage DS8800 proposal including 64 host ports.

The offer needs to meet the lowest possible price. What is the minimum number of I/O Enclosure Pairs

PCI-E for this configuration?

A. one I/O enclosure pair PCI-E

B. two I/O enclosure pairs PCI-E

C. four I/O-enclosure pairs PCI-E

D. eight I/O-enclosure pairs PCI-E

Correct Answer: B