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An IBM i 7.1 partition has a system ASP that has a combination of Solid State Drive (SSD) units and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) units. The system administrator needs to permanently migrate the logical files that are randomly accessed by the application jobs to the SSDs.

What is the appropriate method for identifying the most randomly accessed logical and physical files?

A. Query the table QSYS2/SYSIXSTAT for files with logical reads greater than U and sequence in descending order.

B. Use WRKACTJOB command to identify the application jobs.For each job, select option 5=Work with, then 14.Display open files, if active, than press Fl 1.

C. From Performance Tools, generate a system report to an output file.Query the output file for logical files with random reads greater than U and sort in descending order.

D. Trace the accessed file data using the TRCASPBAL SET(*ON) ASP(l) command.Print the report with the command PRTTRCRPTTYPE (*FILE) QRDER(*DESC), and look for Random Reads/sec.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator is attempting to apply a Fix Pack to an VIO server which is not connected to a network.

The administrator loaded the Fix Pack DVD into the drive. The updates command fails with an error stating

that the local SAS optical drive is busy.

What must be verified before attempting to use the optical drive?

A. That the appropriate SAS adapter is allocated to the VIO LPAR.

B. That the device is mounted with Read/Write permissions.

C. That the media repository on the VIO LPAR is forced offline.

D. That the optical device is allocated to the VIO LPAR.

Correct Answer: D


What is saved with the SAVSYSINF command?

A. All security\’ data, PTF status, and configuration objects

B. A subset of the SAVSYS command including PTFs applied since the last SAVSYS

C. Network attributes, IP configuration, hosts table, routes, and line descriptions

D. System values, network attributes, IPL attributes, job schedule entries, and cleanup settings

Correct Answer: B


Which bays do the MultiSwitch Interconnect Module populate?

A. 3 and 4

B. 3, 4, 5, and 6

C. 7 and 9

D. 7, 8, 9, and 10

Answer: D


Which graphical tool will help identity additional details about activity on the system, to isolate the root cause of performance problems?


B. iDoctor

C. Performance Monitor

D. Communications Trace

Correct Answer: B