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On an IBM System Stoage DS8000 which of the following information pairs are mandatory to create a


A. extent pool id and volume id

B. extent pool id and volume name

C. volume id and extent allocation method

D. volume name and extent allocation method

Correct Answer: A


A company has set up a newly installed Windows 2008 SP2 server. The business policy specifies

that only certified devices and drivers can be used in a production system. The installed tape

library is from a non-IBM vendor with LTO-4 drives. How can the requirement for using certified

devices be fulfilled?

A. use the certified IBM device driver

B. use the certified TSM device driver

C. use the vendor certified Windowspassthru device driver

D. ignore the certification check when installing the TSM device driver

Answer: C


A company has a 30 TB multi-vendor storage environment attached to System i and open systems. They

are concerned about the time and effort caused by frequent migrations to new storage hardware for open

systems data. In addition to consolidating their storage to a single platform, they would like to take

advantage of advanced features such as Easy Tier and implement a three-site business continuity

strategy. Which product provides the best long-term solution for this company?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000

B. IBM XIV Storage System

C. IBM System Storage N series

D. IBMStorwize V7000

Correct Answer: A


Tiered disk systems (DS8700 and DS5020), tape backup and Cisco director(s) utilizing VSANs have been

proposed as a solution. The storage specialist is asked to explain the technical advantage of using Cisco

directors and VSANs. Which of the following is the key point to stress to the customer?


a single director and VSANs provides redundant fabrics at reasonable cost

B. prevent disk and tape traffic from sharing a host port


ease of implementation of Administrative Domains

D. ability to easily create a DS8700 LPAR to send data directly to tape

Correct Answer: B


Which of the following statements regarding XPath is TRUE?

A. XPath is new enough that the W3C has not yet adopted it as a