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A company has an extensive list of Miscellaneous XML Threats that they require protection from. The list

includes: ?XML Entity Expansion and Recursion Attacks ?XML Wellformedness-based Parser Attacks ?

Memory Space Breach and Buffer Overflow Attacks ?Public Key DoS Attacks ?Resource Hijack Attacks

What must the solution implementer do to protect SOA Applications exposed via a WSDL and a Web

Service Proxy service?

A. Enable the web service proxy\’s QL Injection Protection?Enable the web service proxy\’s ?QL Injection


B. Enable the web service proxy\’s ingle Message XML Denial of Service (XDoS) Protection”.Enable the

web service proxy\’s ?ingle Message XML Denial of Service (XDoS) Protection”.

C. Enable the web service proxy\’s ultiple Message XML Denial of Service (MMXDoS) Protection”.Enable

the web service proxy\’s ?ultiple Message XML Denial of Service (MMXDoS) Protection”.

D. Web service proxy default options protect against these threats. No configuration is required.

Correct Answer: D


A dedicated LPAR has two dedicated Fibre Channel HBAs assigned to it.

In order to reduce the amount of hardware, the LPAR will be migrated to a currently running VIO server.

The administrator collects some server performance from the VIO server and notices that the I/O peaks at

5.5Gbits and runs at an average of 4Gbits per second.

The VIO Server runs two dual port 8Gbit FCS cards, so the load is not affected by other LPARS on the VIO


Which of the following is the most cost-efficient configuration for the VIO client?

A. Assign vSCSI disk for the new client LPAR through prioritized channels.

B. Assign one of the ports in the 8Gbit Fibre Channel HBA, using NPIV directly to the new client partition.

C. Dedicate two new Fibre Channel HBAs to the VIO Server and use them to exclusively host the vSCSI

disks for the new client partition.

D. Install SDDPCM drivers onto the VIO Server, set up the client LPAR and run the following command:

“datapath priorities vhostX fscsi0 fscsi1 fscsi2 fscsi3”.

Correct Answer: B


What are the three valid statuses that can be used in a Value-Added Services (VAS) pipeline?

A. Created

B. Included

C. Released

D. Cancelled

E. Completed

F. Scheduled

Answer: A,D,E



An operations team is reporting intermittent network connectivity problems between DataPower and a

specific backend IP address. Network firewalls are configured to allow traffic and there are no known

problems on the network. How can the solution implementer troubleshoot this behavior?

A. There is no network load balancer used behind DataPower. Install a network load balancer.

B. The backend system may be rejecting all TCP packets. Apply the latest fixpacks and restart the server.

C. A DNS host name may be used for connecting to the backend system. Intermittent errors could be

caused due to the DNS names not being resolved. Use a host alias instead.

D. Conflicting network routes in the appliance may have been defined which may be causing intermittent

network connections. Run “show route” command on the network and analyze the configuration.

Correct Answer: D


A system administrator wants to ensure that nodes with different hardware resources participate

in a cluster as efficiently as possible. Which of the following should be used to BEST meet this


A. A load balancer to evenly distribute requests to cluster members

B. A fine grain application update with capabilities to tune cluster member applications to the


C. Weighted definitions for cluster members

D. Identical application components for all cluster members

Answer: C