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Companycom would like the ability to shrink filesystems. They currently have JFS filesystems.

Which of the following is necessary to shrink the filesystems?

A. Copy the existing filesystems to JFS2

B. Defragment the filesystem, then reduce its size

C. Change the file system attribute allow_shrink=yes on the existing filesystems

D. Modify the logical volume attribute allow_shrink=yes on the existing logical volumes

Answer: A


A customer has the following non-virtualized servers:

-three Exchange servers, each with 2.8 TB database

-five System i Domino servers, each with 2 TB database

-20 TB usable capacitySun/SAP cluster

-70 TB usable capacity of System p requirement

-annual growth rate of 12 TB usable capacity per year What is the most cost-effective solution for three

years? — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

A. IBM System Storage DS5020 with 300 GB drives

B. IBM System Storage DS5300 with 300 GB drives

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 with 300 GB drives

D. IBM System Storage DS5020 with 1 TB SATA drives

Correct Answer: C


Which user registry is supported with IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1?


B. Oracle iDirectory

C. Sun Internet Directory

D. Microsoft Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)

Answer: D



What is saved with the SAVSECDTA command?

A. User ProfilesGroup profilesObject owners

B. User ProfilesAuthority ListsPrivate Authorities

C. Authority ListsPrimary group profileObject owner assignments

D. Private AuthoritiesGroup ProfilesPrimary group profile assignments

Correct Answer: B


A system Administrator is trying to connect the Virtual Ethernet that enables the communication

between logical partitions on the same server to an external network. The System Administrator

wants to use Shared Ethernet Adapter(SEA) to accomplish this. There are four partitions: 2 AIX

5.3 partitions, 1 AIX 5.2 partition and one Virtual IO Server that need to use SEA. After setting up

a Shared Ethernet Adapter, none of the partitions are reaching the external network. Besides

turning on ipforwarding, what is another probable cause?

A. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, MAC addresses are not visible to the outside systems. They

require individual Ethernet cards in each partition. This can then be routed to the outside


B. The Shared Ethernet Adapter acts as a layer 2 switch, but ARP and NDP do not work on SEA.

Update the device drivers for Virtual Ethernet in all partitions and enable the RouteD daemon.

C. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, the POWER Hypervisor component is required. The Shared

Ethernet Adapter also requires systems to have a dedicated physical I/O slot and a physical

network adapter in each client partition.

D. The Shared Ethernet Adapter service runs in the Virtual IO Server and acts as a layer 2

switch. The Virtual IO Server has to be configured with at least one physical Ethernet adapter.

There are no device drivers for Virtual Ethernet at AIX 5.2.

Answer: D