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A current IBM System Storage DS8000 open systems customer needs a temporary copy of data that will

be needed for only 12 hours. Which DS8000 function best satisfies this requirement?

A. Multiple RelationshipFlashCopy

B. IncrementalFlashCopy


FlashCopy SE

D. Data SetFlashCopy

Correct Answer: C


An insurance customer installs two BladeCenter chassis in a rack with glass doors. After a short

time, the blowers in both BladeCenters increase to full speed, and then one fails. Apart from

replacing the broken blower, which additional action is required for a long term fix?

A. Add Rear Door HeateXchanger

B. Add fans to the top of the racks

C. Increase circulation from Data Center raised floor

D. Change to perforated doors

Answer: D


A healthcare provider has two applications that they need to redundantly protect in a SAN environment.

Their patient record application runs on Oracle 11i and consists of many small, randomly accessed files.

The database is kept on three clustered Sun servers and currently uses 30 TB of data space. Their

imaging application that retains and manages x-rays, consists of Filenet, CommonStore, and TSM

running on an IBM Power750 server, and is currently using 65 TB of data space. Which of the following

disk solutions meets the customer\’s requirement?

A. IBM System Storage DS8700 2 way

B. IBM System Storage DCS9900

C. IBM System Storage DS8700 4 way

D. IBM XIV Storage System

Correct Answer: C

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A customer needs to upgrade from IBM i 5.4 to 7.1 . The current system is used extensively for Web serving. Extensive database activity is performed in SQL.

Which factor will affect the time to perform the upgrade of the operating system?

A. The ES Type must convert during the IBM i upgrade.

B. The DB2 referential constraints must be manually reestablished.

C. Some database joins must be reformatted to be compliant with new SQL standards.

D. The logical file access paths must be rebuilt into Encoded Vector Indexes (EVI).

Correct Answer: C


While installing the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite in the GUI mode, the installation fails

with an error indicating a user permission issue on the database schema. On researching the

issue, it is discovered that the user has not been granted “CREATE TABLE” permission on the

schema. The database administrator who can provide access is not accessible until the end of the

week. Which statement is true regarding the application installation procedure?

A. The installation has to be rerun from the beginning after the permission has been granted to the


B. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite should be re-installed with the option to use the

database bundled along with it.

C. The installation can be run in a mode such that it does not connect to the database and the

database scripts can be run later when thepermission issue is resolved.

D. Since the issue is only a permissions issue, the installation can be run with a parameter in the

silent file so it would ignore such errors andcomplete the installation successfully.

Answer: C