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An internet client is requesting a servlet from their web browser. Assuming that all internet client

requests are first routed to an IP sprayer, which of the following components would typically be

involved in the flow of the request from client to servlet?

A. JMS server, LDAP server, and EJB container

B. External HTTP server, HTTP server Plug-in, and web container

C. Embedded HTTP server, web container, and EJB container

D. Embedded HTTP server, JMS server, and authentication proxy server

Answer: B


In the context of a private cloud, which three management capabilities require identity

management and/or access management services in order to be consumed securely by end

users? (Choose three.)

A. Storefront

B. Partner Management

C. Storage Management

D. Customer Management

E. Virtualization Management

F. Metering and Billing Management

Answer: A,B,D



A healthcare and life sciences client wants to maintain electronic patient records, including

medical images, for two years after each patient\’s death. How would the IT storage industry

describe this business goal?

A. An archive solution that requireseventbased retention

B. A backup solution that providesversionbased expiration

C. A business continuity solution that provides two years Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

D. A business continuity solution that provides two years Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Answer: A


A solution implementer needs to integrate a DataPower appliance with an IMS COBOL application. The

multi-protocol gateway is created with an HTTP Front Side Handler and an IMS Connect backside URL of

the form dpims://. The EBCDIC Header Conversion is configured as “on” in the IMS Connect object. What

benefit(s) can the solution implementer achieve by using this Header Conversion option?

A. Converts IMS headers to ASCII encoding

B. Converts IMS headers to EBCDIC encoding

C. Converts both IMS headers and payload to ASCII encoding

D. Converts both IMS headers and payload to EBCDIC encoding

Correct Answer: B


Given the context of the IBM Cloud Computing Reference Architecture V3, what architectural

consideration is true regarding workload migration into a private cloud?

A. It is critical to prioritize and then migrate every existing workload to the new cloud infrastructure.

B. Workloads with fewer dependencies are good candidates to migrate to a cloud-based


C. Highly transactional workloads are good candidates to migrate to a private cloud to leverage

faster disks.

D. Workloads with fewer manual processes involved in delivery are better candidates for migration

to a cloud-based infrastructure.

Answer: B