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An administrator is creating a WPAR with isolated file system spaces. Before creating the WPAR, what

should the administrator do?

A. Add the IP address of the new WPAR to the /etc/hosts file in the global environment

B. Ensure the bos.wpars fileset is installed on the system.

C. Add the /wparfilesystem to the global environment

D. Ensure the target disk for the WPAR is not in use.

Correct Answer: C


What should an administrator do to enable remote SQL between IBM i systems?

A. Create a *RMTSQL device description for the target system.

B. Use ADDRDBDIRE to add remote locations for the target system.

C. Create a DDM Pile in QUSRSYS with the name of the target system.

D. Use CRTCPGL to create a *RMTSQL type configuration list and add the target system to the list.

Correct Answer: B


If Tivoli Common Directory is enabled as the preferred logging mechanism on a Linux-

based operating system, where does WebSEAL write serviceability and log messages by


A. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/AMZ/logs

B. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/AWD/logs

C. /var/ibm/tivoli/common/DPW/logs

D. /var/pdweb/www-/logs

Answer: C



An administrator needs to migrate an AIX partition from a POWER7 server to a legacy POWER6 595.

When performing a Live Partition Mobility operation, the following error is received:

Looking at the partition profile properties for CPU

Which of the following actions would solve the problem?

A. Change the processor compatibility mode to LEGACY on the target system.

B. Change the processor compatibility mode to POWER6 on the source partition.

C. Change the processor compatibility mode to POWER7 on the source partition.

D. Change the processor compatibility mode to ENHANCED on the target system

Correct Answer: A


Which URL will connect remotely to the HMC with a host name of HMC for partition management?

A. http://hmc1

B. https://hmc1

C. http://hmc1:2001

D. https://hmc1:2300

Correct Answer: B