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A sales company wants to be able to report on the total amount of sales per region. How can a

BPM application developer capture this information so that the data can be reported on? (Choose

two) The BPM application developer needs to use:

A. Autotracking

B. Shared Business Object

C. Exposed Process Value (EPV)

D. Service Level Agreement (SLA)

E. Custom Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

Answer: A,E


A company\’s sales process relies on business rules that have been implemented within WebSphere

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Operational Decision Management (WODM). There is a requirement to incorporate these rules within a

IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 implementation. What steps must a BPM application developer take

to incorporate these rules within IBM Business Process Manager V8.0 assuming the WODM server has

been properly configured within IBM Business Process Manager V8.0. Within a decision service:

A. 1. drag a BAL Rule from the palette onto the canvas.2. select a server .3. configure the SOAP port.4.

provide credentials.

B. 1. drag a Server Script from the palette onto the canvas.2. use JavaScript APIs to get ODM server

information.3. use JavaScript APIs to make ODM server calls.

C. 1. drag a Decision Table from the palette onto the canvas.2. select a server.3. specify conditions and


D. 1. drag a JRules Decision Service from the palette onto the canvas.2. select a server.3. configure the

SOAP port.4. provide credentials.

Correct Answer: D


The solution implementer is configuring a multi-protocol gateway service to parse the following



“authenticate”: “”,

“username”: “[email protected]”,

“password”: “password12”

“resource”: “AccountHistory”


What request type should the solution implementer choose?




D. Pass through

Answer: B



The solution implementer needs to configure the DataPower appliance to restrict user account access to

specific domains. The solution implementer implements this requirement by configuring the Domain

Restriction section of the user account. During application execution, the configured user account is able to

access a domain that is configured as restricted (no access allowed by this user). What should the solution

implementer identify as a valid source of the problem?

A. An existing access policy or RBM policy can supersede the Domain Restriction list.

B. User access cannot be restricted to a specific domain in the user account configuration.

C. The user is a member of the \’root\’ user group.

D. The RBM system was not used to restrict access, which is the only way to meet the Domain Restriction


Correct Answer: A


A customer has an EMC Symmetrix DMX3000 that is at the end of lease. The environment consists of IBM

System p, IBM System i, and IBM System z. The customer is evaluating EMC, HDS, and IBM storage as

possible replacements. They are interested in comparing the performance of all three disk subsystems.

Which tool compares performance?

A. Capacity Magic

B. eConfig

C. TPC for Disk

D. Disk Magic

Correct Answer: D

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