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Which three components must be implemented when defining an authentication realm? (Choose three.)

A. Authenticator

B. Login module

C. Identity validator

D. Challenge handler — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

E. Security certificate

F. Encryption module

G. Secure connection

Correct Answer: ABD


Companycom is migrating their application that was built on AIX 4.3, to a new p5 590 system that

is running AIX 5.3. The application was a 32-bit program. What will need to be done with the

application to allow it to run on the new system?

A. Run without recompiling on AIX 5.3

B. Relink to the 32-bit kernel in order to run the application

C. Recompile to run on AIX 5.3 because the libraries are in different locations

D. Recompile 32-bit applications because the compiler flags and versions have changed

Answer: A


Which of the following statements about DS8000 hard drive technology is correct?

A. All types of the 2.5″ disk drives offered by the DS8800 system have higher performance than the 3.5″

disk drives supported by DS8700

B. The 2.5″ disk drives included on the DS8800 support 6Gbps SAS; the 3.5″ disk drives in DS8700 are 4

Gbps FC


The 2.5″ disk drives included on the DS8800 support 8Gbps SAS; the 3.5″ disk drives in DS8700 are 4

Gbps FC


The 2.5″ 15k rpm drives offered by the DS8800 system support 6Gbps SAS-2

Correct Answer: D


A validating parser is used in order to:

A. Establish values for defaulted attributes.

B. De-reference Namespaces.

C. Validate CDATA sections.

D. Validate datatypes.

Answer: A, D


What is installed on top of Common Agent Services to generate reports in IBM Tivoli

Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1?

A. Crystal Reports

B. TCR (Tivoli Common Reporting)

C. BART (Basic Audit Reporting Tool)

D. BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)

Answer: B