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What is saved with the SAVSECDTA command?

A. User ProfilesGroup profilesObject owners

B. User ProfilesAuthority ListsPrivate Authorities

C. Authority ListsPrimary group profileObject owner assignments

D. Private AuthoritiesGroup ProfilesPrimary group profile assignments

Correct Answer: B


An IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V6.2 (TSM) system is reporting errors during client backups.

These errors appear to be network disconnections but further investigation shows that TSM is

disconnecting the clients. Which calculations are required to ensure all clients can connect to the

TSM server?

A. number of disks divided by number of files

B. number of NICs divided by total number of disks

C. number of clients divided by total number of NICs

D. number of processors divided by number of clients

Answer: C


An administrator is restoring an application that contains many IFS directories. The saved application version was saved from another system using the SAV command and has hundreds of unnecessary log files (*.log) spread across its directories and subdirectories.

How can the administrator restore the application directories but omit all files ending with the log extension?

A. Restore the application using the RST command, specifying LOG(*OMIT).

B. Restore the application using the RST command, specifying *log in the OMIT parameter

C. Use the RST command and set the Objects parameter (OBJ) to t.log, with the value “Include or omit” set to *OMIT.

D. Use the RST command and set the Name Pattern parameter (PATTERN) to t.log, with the value “Include or omit” set to *OMIT.

Correct Answer: D


Consider the following XML Schema fragment:

<xsd:element name=


A company has purchased a Power 770 server and will be implementing a virtual environment for

transaction processing. What method can be used to configure the new system to easily allow for an

identical environment at a disaster recovery site?

A. Record the profile information for each partition.

B. Perform remote VIO server backups to the disaster recovery site.

C. Maintain the primary and recovery site with IBM Systems Director.

D. Deploy a sysplan that was created by the System Planning Tool.

Correct Answer: D