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Client data is being encrypted, compressed, and transmitted LAN-free to the IBM Tivoli Storage

Manager (TSM) server. Data deduplication is set to yes and the TSM server has deduplication

enabled storage pools. Which method for deduplication can be used?

A. client sidededuplication

B. server sidededuplication

C. neitherdeduplication methods are used

D. both client side and server sidededuplication

Answer: C


What is required to configure a WebSphere application server for remote debugging?

A. Edit the WebSphere remoteDebug.properties file.

B. Edit the WebSphere remotAppServerDebug properties file

C. Go to the administrative console and enable the Debuging Service to start under the System

Administration tab.

D. Go to the administrative console and enable the Debugging Service to start along with the

application server.

Answer: D


An administrator wants to generate the General Audit Event Details Report showing an

overview of all past events between the selected start and end date/time. As soon the

administrator selects an event to see the details, an error message is displayed. What

caused this error?

A. The IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 (Tivoli Access Manager) report

package has not been installed.

B. The Java stored procedure is not configured correctly.

C. The administrator forgot to stage the information to the reporting tables.

D. The Tivoli Access Manager components are not yet Common Agent Services enabled.

Answer: B



Companycom wants to apply a PTF to the p5 590 system. After doing a preview install, the output

shows there is insufficient space in the /usr filesystem. The root volume group has no available

physical partitions left. They do not want to add additional disk drives to the system, but have a

jfs2 filesystem that is only 8% used. What could they do to utilize space in the jfs2 filesystem to

apply this PTF?

A. Backup the filesystem and recreate smaller

B. Use the chfs to reduce the filesystem size

C. Use cplv to copy filesystem to smaller size

D. Use migratepv to copy filesystem to smaller size

Answer: B


A developer is creating a custom time-triggered transaction that will verify the credit card limit of all

orders which have a payment mode as credit card and the buyer is not a registered buyer. Which

abstract function does the developer need to implement to retrieve such orders?

A. getJobs

B. getTasks

C. getOrders

D. executeJobs

Answer: A