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A customer pays for an order for $100 with $50 being charged to a credit card and the remaining

paid by cash. Later a refund of $60 has to be issued to the customer. The payment type

configurations are setup as shown below.

How would the refunds be issued by the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite?

A. $60 dollars will be refunded to the customer credit card.

B. $50 will be refunded to the customer credit card and $10 will be refunded as cash.

C. $50 will be refunded to the customer credit card and $10 will be refunded through check.

D. $50 will be refunded to the customer as cash and $10 will be refunded to the customer credit


Answer: C



A storage specialist wants to create a fixed-block volume in the extent pool P10, in rank group 0. Which of

these volumes cannot be created?

A. 2001

B. 2B00

C. 3A01

D. 5E00

Correct Answer: B


A system administrator fedrated a custom profile to the deployment manager. The system

administrator then created a new server (server1) on the fedrated node. How should the system

administrator verify that the server was successfully created?

A. Use the snoop servlet

B. Run the installation Verification proram

C. View the addNode.lo file of the node agent.

D. View SystemOut.log file of the deployment manager.

Answer: D


When installing the Group HIPER PTE5 (SE99709 for IBM i 7.1), the administrator discovered that only the first PTE on the DVD was installed. What is the most likely reason this occurred?

A. The incorrect option on the PTE menu was used to install the PTFs.

B. The platform was IPLed from the “P” side1 instead of from the “T” side.

C. A firmware upgrade was not performed prior to installing the Group HIPER.

D. The system was IPLed from the “A” side, and needed to be IPLed from the “B” side.

Correct Answer: A


Notations can be used to identity all of the following EXCEPT:

A. The location of the images

B. The format of unparsed entities

C. The format of element attributes of the ENTITY and ENTITIES types

D. The application associated with a processing instruction (PI)

Answer: A