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A system has been redeployed, and is now a single partition IBM i 7.1 system with LAN Console. The administrator notices a message when using DSPPTE LICPGM (5770999) which states MHxxxxx PTFs cannot be installed.

What is the most likely reason this is occurring?

A. There is a damaged LIC PTF on the system.

B. The firmware is set to accept maintenance from an HMC.

C. INZSYS was not successfully completed when the system was reloaded.

D. The system was not completely scratched and reloaded using IPL mode “D”.

Correct Answer: B


A customer has bought an IBM System Storage DS8700 and wants to attach ten SuSE Linux Enterprise

Server hosts to the DS8700 with multiple paths. What is the Multipathing Driver the customer needs?

A. PowerPath

B. Subsystem Device Driver Device Specific Module

C. Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module

D. DeviceMapper Multipath

Correct Answer: D


A customer has purchased three IBM System Storage DS8700 systems and would like to have their

administrators trained. Which training alternative provides the necessary training with the least financial


A. purchase the training CD for the disk subsystem and have the staff do self-paced training

B. have the IBM Service Support Representative perform the training

C. contact IBM Education Services for an onsite training class

D. send one person at a time to an IBM training session

Correct Answer: C


How can a tape be checked to see if there are damaged files?

A. run Tape Audit

B. run Audit Volume

C. run Restore Volume

D. run a Heath Check report

Answer: B


What is required of all user profiles that use objects in an independent ASP?

A. Users must have authority to the ASP device description.

B. Users must be a member of the group profile that owns the ASP.

C. The ASP group name must be specified in the initial library list.

D. The users need to be part of the QASPGRP authorization list to allow access.

Correct Answer: A