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Which of the Following MUST be present in every SOAP request?

A. SOAP Envelope SOAP Header, SOAP Body

B. SOAP Header, SOAP Body

C. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Body

D. SOAP Envelope, SOAP Header

Answer: C


A customer using an IBM System Storage DS8700 is facing performance problems. After the analysis by

the technical specialist, the diagnosis indicates that the cache hits may be improved by a cache upgrade.

How can the system be monitored in order to check the benefits of the cache upgrade?

A. using the “vmstat” command on the AIX servers connected via SAN to the DS8700 system — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass

B. look at the IOPS using the DS8700

C. reading the performance reports via Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Disk

D. generating reports using theTotalStorage Expert

Correct Answer: C


How can a system administrator improve the data transfer rate during a deduplication process?

A. use stub file backup transaction

B. use client sidededuplication cache

C. set the server transaction byte limit

D. create larger datadeduplication storage pools

Answer: B


A customer has multiple applications on multiple open platforms in their current environment based on IBM

System Storage DS8100. They plan to set up a business continuity solution that meets the objective of

zero or little data loss for their business critical data. The customer has indicated that cost is a factor.

What should the storage specialist recommend?


a DS8700 in the Business Continuity site with a Metro Mirror license


a DS8700 with SAN Volume Controller in the Business Continuity site

C. a DS8700 in the Business Continuity site with Global Copy license

D. two new DS5300 servers (production and Business Continuity site) with a Global Copy license

Correct Answer: A


Notations can be used to identity all of the following EXCEPT:

A. The location of the images

B. The format of unparsed entities

C. The format of element attributes of the ENTITY and ENTITIES types

D. The application associated with a processing instruction (PI)

Answer: A