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A GUI Editor for editing XML documents is being built. It has a view where the XML document

can be presented in a tree form. One of the requirements is that a user should be able to visually

select one or more nodes, and cut and paste them into another destination node. A parser that

conforms to the DOM API implementation is used for XML processing. Which of the following

types provided by the DOM API can be BEST used to temporarily store the nodes that have been

cut and later to append them to the destination node?

A. Document

B. DocumentFragment

C. NodeList

D. NodeMap

Answer: B


A performance analysis of a customer application revealed that the overhead of persistent HTTP

sessions was the main contributor to performance slow down. All of the following factors will help

with improving the performance of persistent HTTP session performance EXCEPT:

A. Reducing the size of the session object

B. Invalidating unneeded sessions

C. Increasing the memory available

D. Increasing the cache overflow size.

Answer: D


An administrator needs to identify which jobs are creating short CPU and disk arm usage spikes. The administrator also needs to determine what the job(s) are doing as soon as possible during or after a spike occurs.

Which tool is most appropriate to use to assist with this activity?

A. IBM i Performance Explorer (PEX)

B. IBM i Performance Management Agent

C. IBM System Director Navigator for i

D. System i Navigator Management Central monitors

Correct Answer: D


A system has been redeployed, and is now a single partition IBM i 7.1 system with LAN Console. The administrator notices a message when using DSPPTE LICPGM (5770999) which states MHxxxxx PTFs cannot be installed.

What is the most likely reason this is occurring?

A. There is a damaged LIC PTF on the system.

B. The firmware is set to accept maintenance from an HMC.

C. INZSYS was not successfully completed when the system was reloaded.

D. The system was not completely scratched and reloaded using IPL mode “D”.

Correct Answer: B


On receipt of a JMS message on a queue (Q ), a message-driven bean (MDB) processes the

message by invoking a stateless session bean that does a data base update. Both enterprise

beans execute within the same transaction context. The queue type destination in the underlying

Service integration Bus corresponding to Q is defined with the “Maximum failed deliveries”

attribute set to 0, and the “Exception destination” specific as \’None\’. What happens when the

processing of a particular message results in a transaction rollback?

A. The application server hosting the MDB is shutdown

B. The JMS runtime stops the delivery of the message to the application

C. The JMS runtime keeps delivering the message to the application

D. The message gets stranded on the queue (Q)

Answer: C