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Which of the following is a valid statement concerning the WebSphere V6 High Availability

Manager ?

A. The HA Manager enhances the availability of WebSphere singleton services like transaction

services, JMS Message services, and Service integration Bus services.

B. The HA Manager runs as an enterprise application within each application server process that

monitors the “health” of WebSphere clusters.

C. In the event of a server failure, the HA Manager could failover the transaction service which

could recover in-flight transactions.

D. The HA Manager leverages latest storage technologies to provide fast recovery time of both

single and two-phase transactions

Answer: C


An operations team is reporting intermittent network connectivity problems between DataPower

and a specific backend IP address. Network firewalls are configured to allow traffic and there are

no known problems on the network. How can the solution implementer troubleshoot this behavior?

A. There is no network load balancer used behind DataPower. Install a network load balancer.

B. The backend system may be rejecting all TCP packets. Apply the latest fixpacks and restart the


C. A DNS host name may be used for connecting to the backend system. Intermittent errors could

be caused due to the DNS names not beingresolved. Use a host alias instead.

D. Conflicting network routes in the appliance may have been defined which may be causing

intermittent network connections. Run “show route”command on the network and analyze the


Answer: D



What are two essential characteristics of a cloud computing model? (Choose two.)

A. Rapid elasticity

B. Measured service

C. Integrated security

D. Single tenant model only

E. Dedicated vendor relationships

Answer: A,B



A customer is upgrading an HMC to a new release using Recovery DVD5 for the new release level. Which action must be completed before performing the upgrade from DVD process?

A. Run the `HMC Management> Back Up HMC Data\’ to DVD.

B. Run the `HMC Management> Save Upgrade Data\’ to HMC disk.

C. Run the `HMC Management> Back Up HMC Data\’ to NFS server.

D. Run the `HMC Management> Save Upgrade Data\’ to the administrator\’s PC.

Correct Answer: B


Click the Exhibit button.

An IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business V6.1.1 (Tivoli Access Manager)

infrastructure has been severely extended; it now includes a total of four LDAP servers. In

order to lessen the load on the LDAP Master 1, which all Tivoli Access Manager

components have been configured against, the LDAP configuration file of each Tivoli

Access Manager component should be adjusted.What value should be in the red x to

ensure that the LDAP cluster is optimally used?

A. 4

B. 6

C. 8

D. 10

Answer: A