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A developer is preparing a Worklight mobile application for deployment to a production environment where

the Worklight Server core database is stored on DB2 and must be accessed using the WorklightDS data


Which database properly settings must the developer specify in the application\’s worklight. properties file

to properly configure it for deployment to the production environment?

A. wl.db.type=DB2wl.dta.url=jdtac:db2:WorklightDS

B. wl.db.type=DB2wl. db. j ndi.name=j dbc/WorklightDS

C. wl.db.driver=com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driverwl. db. j ndi.neune=jdbc/WorklightDS

D. wl.db.driver=com.ibm.db2.jcc.DB2Driverwl.db.url=jdbc:db2:WorklightDS

Correct Answer: B

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A system administrator is reviewing a checklist of actions that should occur during the federation

process. The system administrator notes that all of the following checklist actions are correct


A. The node is added to the cell

B. The node agent and application server are started

C. The application server becomes a managed server in the cell

D. The application server is stopped, and a new node agent is created.

Answer: B


The solution implementer configured a multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service to process

WebSphere MQ messages using the same MQ queue manager object for both the front end and

back end. A request rule in the processing policy sends a message to queue A and then to queue

B in a single transaction by using a “Result Action”. The MQ URL for the back end contains the

“Transactional=true” tag. The output type of the “Result Actions” is set as “Binary” and the

OUTPUT context has a named variable. What are the additional configuration options that the

solution implementer needs to guarantee message delivery for both back-end queues?

Specifically, if any one message fails, the entire transaction will roll back.

A. Configure two phase commit in the backend WebSphere MQ queue manager.

B. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = off ” in the MQ queue manager object.

C. Configure “Units of Work = 1” and “Automatic Backout = on”; “Backout Threshold” and

“Backout Queue” defined in the MQ queue managerobject.

D. DataPower cannot support this use case as an MQ queue manager object only works with

global transactionality.

Answer: C



For which of the following would a developer select the SAX API over the DOM API?

A. Resolving element cross-references.

B. Outputting content in the order it appears.

C. Randomly accessing information in the document.

D. Searching for a particular text string in an element.

Answer: B, D


A POWER7 customer using disk adapters with RAID-5 and hot spare has noticed sudden and significant performance problems with an LPAR. WRKDSKSTS followed by Fl 1 shows the disk units as “DEGRADED”. The customer has attempted to check the RAID card battery in Service Tools but it is not listed. What is the cause of the degraded status?

A. One of the power supplies in the disk drawer has failed.

B. The cache battery is in the 90-day replacement warning state.

C. The pairing of the RAID cards is broken, so the RAID cache is not in use.

D. The hot spare has taken over for a failed drive and is awaiting replacement.

Correct Answer: C