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An administrator is experiencing a significant reduction of I/O performance. After issuing the WRKDSKSTS command and pressing Fl 1 some of the disks in the list show “DEGRADED” rather than “ACTIVE”. Why are some of the disks in “DEGRADED” status?

A. One of the disks in the RAID set has failed.

B. Other devices which share the I/O bus are currently very busy.

C. Read/write cache has been disabled on those disks for some reason.

D. High ambient temperature has forced the drives to temporarily run slower.

Correct Answer: C


An application needs to be able to modify the XML document that it is processing1 without

creating a new instance of the document. Which is the BEST technology to use?





E. Infoset

Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A store has multiple cash registers. At any one time, a register can be closed (no clerk is

assigned to it) or open (one clerk is assigned to it). When the business is open, customers can

purchase one or more of each of a set of products (with a price and unique ID) at any cash

register. Each of these purchase events is called a sales transaction (with a unique ID and a start

time), which contains a collection of line items – one for each quantity of a type of product

purchased, such as three (3) pencils (product code 9-P05) @ $50 each, for a line item amount of

$1 .50.

Which of the following DTD constraints could satisfy a portion of the requirements?




D. <!ATTLIST trans-date mm-dd-yy DATE


Answer: B, C


A system Administrator is trying to connect the Virtual Ethernet that enables the communication

between logical partitions on the same server to an external network. The System Administrator

wants to use Shared Ethernet Adapter(SEA) to accomplish this. There are four partitions: 2 AIX

5.3 partitions, 1 AIX 5.2 partition and one Virtual IO Server that need to use SEA. After setting up

a Shared Ethernet Adapter, none of the partitions are reaching the external network. Besides

turning on ipforwarding, what is another probable cause?

A. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, MAC addresses are not visible to the outside systems. They

require individual Ethernet cards in each partition. This can then be routed to the outside


B. The Shared Ethernet Adapter acts as a layer 2 switch, but ARP and NDP do not work on SEA.

Update the device drivers for Virtual Ethernet in all partitions and enable the RouteD daemon.

C. With a Shared Ethernet Adapter, the POWER Hypervisor component is required. The Shared

Ethernet Adapter also requires systems to have a dedicated physical I/O slot and a physical

network adapter in each client partition.

D. The Shared Ethernet Adapter service runs in the Virtual IO Server and acts as a layer 2

switch. The Virtual IO Server has to be configured with at least one physical Ethernet adapter.

There are no device drivers for Virtual Ethernet at AIX 5.2.

Answer: D


A Worklight mobile application uses a native page to display a real-time graph of the price of a stock

symbol. The native page is invoked from a web page using the WL.NativePage.show() method and

requires a parameter that contains the value of the stock symbol to display. To pass the value of “IBM” as

a parameter to the native page using the parm variable, how should the variable be initialized before

passing it to the method?

A. var parm = “IBM”;

B. var parm = [“IBM”];


var parm = {symbol: “IBM”};

D. var parm = [“symbol”, “IBM”];

Correct Answer: C