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A solution implementer has configured a processing policy that executes a stylesheet with the following

code snippet:

Which MQ front side handler properties should the solution implementer configure to allow this code

snippet to access the message property named “myprop”?

A. Enable Parse Properties

B. Select the Exclude Message Header property “Message Properties (MQMP)”

C. Select the Exclude Message Header property “Rules and Formatting Header (MQRFH)”

D. Select the Exclude Message Header property “Rules and Formatting Header (MQRFH2)”

Correct Answer: A


Companycom is migrating their application that was built on AIX 4.3, to a new p5 590 system that

is running AIX 5.3. The application was a 32-bit program. What will need to be done with the

application to allow it to run on the new system?

A. Run without recompiling on AIX 5.3

B. Relink to the 32-bit kernel in order to run the application

C. Recompile to run on AIX 5.3 because the libraries are in different locations

D. Recompile 32-bit applications because the compiler flags and versions have changed

Answer: A


The number of File Set data files created depends upon what two items? (Choose two.)

A. Amount of memory.

B. Schema definition of the file.

C. Operating system limitations.

D. Number of logical processing nodes.

E. Number of disks in the export or default disk pool connected to each processing node in the

default node pool.

Answer: D,E



When using Runtime Column Propagation, which two stages require a schema file? (Choose two.)

A. Peek stage

B. Pivot stage

C. Column Import stage

D. DB2 Connector stage

E. Sequential File stage

Answer: C,E



A system administrator has been requested to package an enterprise application so that all of its

required resource definitions are contained in the Enterprise Archive (EAR) File. How can this

task be accomplished by using the Application Server Toolkit (AST)?

A. While running in AST, configure the application resources using the administrative console,

then export an Enhanced EAR file.

B. While using AST, import the EAR file into the workspace of the Resources perspective, import

a previously configured resource .xml file and export an Enhanced EAR file.

C. While using AST, open the application\’s deployment descriptor editor. Switch to the

Deployment page, define the needed resources and export the Enhanced EAR file.

D. Using AST, open each module of the application and define the required resources. Include

the configured modules in an enterprise application project and export an Enhanced EAR file.

Answer: C