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A POWER7 customer using disk adapters with RAID-5 and hot spare has noticed sudden and significant performance problems with an LPAR. WRKDSKSTS followed by Fl 1 shows the disk units as “DEGRADED”. The customer has attempted to check the RAID card battery in Service Tools but it is not listed. What is the cause of the degraded status?

A. One of the power supplies in the disk drawer has failed.

B. The cache battery is in the 90-day replacement warning state.

C. The pairing of the RAID cards is broken, so the RAID cache is not in use.

D. The hot spare has taken over for a failed drive and is awaiting replacement.

Correct Answer: C


A Linux LPAR has been created and RHEL6 has been installed. The LPAR has the following


Processor Entitlement – minimum / desired / maximum

1.0 2.0 3.0

A DLPAR operation to add 1 processor entitlement fails. Which of the followings actions will resolve this


A. Upgrade to PowerVM Standard Edition.

B. Set /proc/sys/kernel/rsct_dlpar to 1.

C. Reboot the Linux LPAR and use the 64bit kernel

D. Install the IBM Installation Toolkit for Linux.

Correct Answer: D


A storage specialist needs to automate some tasks triggered in the event of disaster recovery. What is the

best solution to accomplish this?


using the DS GUI, step through Real Time Manager, Copy Services, Create custom scripts; actions

and event conditions can be defined that triggerthe script; there is no need for a password


create a shell script usingdscli commands; trigger the script from the operating system, and call the

script using the -pwd option with the password


create a password file; create a shell script using dscli commands; trigger the script from the operating



create a password file; create a shell script usingdscli commands; trigger the script from the operating

system; call the dscli script with the dscli -script -pwdfile command

Correct Answer: C


An administrator plans to implement Active Memory Expansion on several LPARs on a Power 770 system.

Which tool should be used to determine the recommended LPAR settings for Active Memory Expansion?

A. amepat

B. amelpar

C. amemon

D. amestat

Correct Answer: A


A System x client is interested in IBM ToolsCenter Bootable Media Creator but is concerned about

functions. Which of the following describes the functions of ToolsCenter Bootable Media ?

A. Update Firmware, Update Drivers, Run Diagnostics, Install Windows

B. Update Firmware, Run Diagnostics, Install Windows, and Linux Operating Systems

C. Update Firmware, Run Diagnostics, Install Windows

D. Update Firmware, Update Drivers, Install Windows

Answer: C