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When installing the Group HIPER PTE5 (SE99709 for IBM i 7.1), the administrator discovered that only the first PTE on the DVD was installed. What is the most likely reason this occurred?

A. The incorrect option on the PTE menu was used to install the PTFs.

B. The platform was IPLed from the “P” side1 instead of from the “T” side.

C. A firmware upgrade was not performed prior to installing the Group HIPER.

D. The system was IPLed from the “A” side, and needed to be IPLed from the “B” side.

Correct Answer: A


What is a major benefit for using LHEA instead of an SEA?

A. 802.11Q support

B. 64 MAC addresses

C. Reduced networking configuration

D. Logical port throttling

Correct Answer: C


What is an optional argument in creating the application EAR file?

A. -Dearfile=smcfs.ear

B. -Dnowebservice=true

C. -Dappserver=websphere

D. -Dwarfiles=smcfs,sma,sbc

Answer: B



An IBM Business Partner has sold a DS5020 and new IBM SAN switches to replace a customer EMC

storage infrastructure. The customer dissatisfaction has arisen during the installation because according to

the DS5020 interoperability matrix, two HP Proliant servers running Exchange have FC HBAs that are not

supported. Which of the following is the most probable cause of the customer dissatisfaction?

A. The EMC storage specialist has not participated in the TDA meeting

B. The FC HBAs are 4 Gbps technology

C. The Technical and Delivery Assessment review actions were not executed

D. The customer should have checked that the HBAs are supported according to the HP storage

interoperability matrix

Correct Answer: C


Which type of data can be deduplicated?

A. all types of data

B. data on tape storage pool

C. data on random access disk

D. data on storage pools that are associated with file device class

Answer: D