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A healthcare and life sciences client wants to maintain electronic patient records, including

medical images, for two years after each patient\’s death. How would the IT storage industry

describe this business goal?

A. An archive solution that requireseventbased retention

B. A backup solution that providesversionbased expiration

C. A business continuity solution that provides two years Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

D. A business continuity solution that provides two years Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

Answer: A


After the completion of several tasks, an order shipping process for electronic devices must wait to

receive a message from a separate inventory replenishment process before proceeding to an

activity for order delivery. How should the BPM application developer implement the receive

message event?

A. As an Ad-hoc event.

B. As a message start event.

C. As an intermediate event in the process flow.

D. As an intermediate event attached to the order delivery activity.

Answer: C


The system administrator of a company has been asked to implement a change request to an

existing solution to let orders in the Backordered status to be cancellable. If an order is in any

other status, cancellations should be disallowed. How should the system administrator achieve


A. The system administrator should use the Sterling Business Center console to configure the

order modification business rules.

B. The system administrator should use the Order Modification Rules present within the

Applications Manager to configure the Backorderedstatus to allow the order to be canceled.

C. The system administrator does not have to do anything since orders in the backordered status

will be automatically canceled by IBM SterlingOrder Management without any special


D. The system administrator should implement the beforeChangeOrder User Exit of the

changeOrder API in order to check for permissible orderstatuses. If the order is not in the

Backordered status, an exception should be thrown from the User Exit.

Answer: B



A BPM application developer needs to create custom SQL queries targeting the Business

Performance Data Warehouse to satisfy a customer\’s reporting requirements. While browsing the

system catalog of the database management system, the developer notices tables and views

corresponding to the tracking groups defined in the process application. Which database artifacts

should the developer query to obtain only the actively tracked data? The BPM application

developer should query the:

A. views, because the views contains more recent data than the tables.

B. views, because the views contain only the data resulting from the updated tracking definitions.

C. tables, because the tables contains more recent data than the views.

D. tables, because the tables contain only the data resulting from the updated tracking definitions.

Answer: B


A solution implementer is creating a multi-protocol gateway to proxy SFTP server requests. An AAA Policy

is configured on the SFTP front side handler to provide user authentication for the SFTP connection.

Which Extract Identity method should the solution implementer configure in the AAA Policy to extract the

SFTP user\’s credentials?

A. Client IP Address method.

B. Processing Metadata method, specifying the sftp-metadata metadata item.

C. Processing Metadata method, specifying the ssh-password-metadata metadata item.

D. Custom Template method, specifying a url to a custom stylesheet that will determine the credentials.

Correct Answer: C