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An organization is implementing the IBM Sterling Order Management application to manage and

fulfill special orders from store kiosks. The technology office wants to use Oracle RAC for a high

performance, highly available solution for the database. Which statement is true about the

capabilities of IBM Sterling Order Management?

A. IBM Sterling Order Management is independent of the database deployment, and can be

installed with any configuration of Oracle RAC.

B. IBM Sterling Order Management can connect to only one instance and since Oracle RAC

involves multiple database instances, it cannot be used.

C. While using Oracle RAC, IBM Sterling Order Management has been certified and tested for

high performance only in a 2-node Oracle RAC configuration.

D. The technology office does not need to make this decision; a better solution for high availability

is to deploy IBM Sterling Order Management in a multi-schema mode.

Answer: C



A developer wants to test a hybrid application on a physical iOS device. The developer has enrolled in the

iOS Developer Program and created a provisioning profile. Where should the developer install the

provisioning profile to test the application on a physical iOS device?

A. the Xcode Server

B. the physical device

C. the Apple App Store

D. the Application Center

Correct Answer: B


A Worklight application does not need to connect to a server on startup. However, when previewing the

application on the device emulator, it is throwing a server connection error on start up. What is the

consequence if the connection error is resolved using the WL.Client.init({connectOnStartup:false}) API to

disable the connection to the server on application startup?

A. The application will not be able to subsequently connect to the server.

B. Server features other than the Remote Disable or Direct Update will be disabled.


Any server features the application uses will only be available when it connects to the server.


There will be no potential consequences as the runtime will safely disable server connectivity errors.

Correct Answer: C


Given the following lspath command output from an LPAR, what is the most likely reason for the current


$ lspath

Failed hdisk0 vscsi0

Enabled hdisk0 vscsi1

Failed hdisk1 fscsi0

Failed hdisk1 fscsi0

Enabled hdisk1 fscsi1

Enabled hdisk1 fscsi1

Failed hdisk2 fscsi0

Failed hdisk2 fscsi0

Enabled hdisk2 fscsi1

Enabled hdisk2 fscsi1

Failed hdisk3 fscsi0

Failed hdisk3 fscsi0

Enabled hdisk3 fscsi1

Enabled hdisk3 fscsi1

A. SDDPCM daemon not loaded

B. Partial SAN failure

C. Redundant VIO server outage

D. Incomplete NPIV configuration

Correct Answer: C


From the XPath specification, which of the following, if any, correctly defines the