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An LPAR is configured using Virtual IO. It has two Virtual SCSI adapters, connecting it to two VIO servers.

The disks presented over Virtual SCSI are available across both Virtual SCSI adapters (2 paths).

Assuming 20 disks are required, what is the maximum recommended queue depth to maximize


A. 20

B. 22

C. 510

D. 512

Correct Answer: A


A multi-protocol gateway (MPGW) service is configured to convert an XML message to a non-XML

message for the backend service. The processing policy needs to transform the request to a non-

XML message using a WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) map and route the message

to the backend service. What transform-type action does the solution implementer configure in the

processing policy to satisfy this requirement?

A. Transform (xform)

B. Transform binary (xformbin)

C. Conformance transform (conformance-xform)

D. Processing instruction-based transform (xformpi)

Answer: B



Which statement is true about a reference to the last element in an HTML table?

A. It will automatically overwrite any reference to previous elements in the same table.

B. It can be created by selecting “Last occurrence” in the reference properties.

C. It can be created by matching the last instance of the element tag with a regular expression.

D. It can only be captured by writing custom code to count the table elements.

Answer: B


A customer is in the process of configuring a J2C (JCA) connection factory using the

administrative console. The customer wishes to eventually secure the connection. The customer

also knows that several security settings are now deprecated in WebSphere Application Server

V6 for connection factories.

Which of the following should the system administrator recommend that the customer use?

A. Container-managed Authentication Alias

B. Mapping-Configuration Alias

C. Authentication preference

D. Container-managed authentication alias

Answer: A


After using the alt_disk_install command to clone a system image to another disk, the system

administrator noticed a large number of defined devices not allocated to the LPAR. Which of the

following is the most likely cause of this situation?

A. The cfgmgr command was not run to reconfigure the devices

B. The machine was not booted into SMS MultiBoot mode after configuration

C. The machine was not in full system partition mode when the volume was created

D. The alt_disk_install command was not run with the -O option to remove references in the ODM

Answer: D