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Companycom has seven days of vmstat data on four p5 590 production LPARs of four

processors each. The data shows that all four LPARs have periodic utilizations of 90-95% lasting

several minutes in duration. However, the average utilizations of the four LPARs were between

15-30%. The vmstat data shows that the peak utilizations of each LPAR do not occur at the same

time. Which of the following should be set up?

A. A shared pool with four capped LPARs

B. A shared pool with four uncapped LPARs

C. Four dedicated LPARs and use DLPAR to manage resources effectively

D. The server in SMP mode and use WLM to manage resources effectively

Answer: B


A customer has downloaded new firmware files for the IBM support Web Site. Which of the

following is the correct method for updating the firmware for the QLogic Intelligent Passthru

Module using the command line?

A. Transfer the file to the FC module using FTP?use Telnet to the FC module to start the update

B. Use Telnet to the AMM to transfer the file using TFTP?start the update

C. Transfer the file to the FC module using Secure Copy Protocol (SCP)? use Telnet to the FC

module to start the update

D. Start the update and enter FC module IP address when prompted

Answer: A


A customer wants to consolidate storage from four IBM System p servers and one large IBM System i

server on a high end disk subsystem. The customer does not have a SAN installed. The customer will

require approximately 24 TB of capacity for System p and 20 TB of capacity for System i. The customer

states that performance of the System i system is most important. Capacity, multi-path access, and

replication functions are important for the System p servers. Which solution best satisfies the customer


A. IBM DS8700 with 600 GB drives for the System p, 300 GB/15k drives for Systemi; and advanced

functions for System p capacity

B. IBM DS8700 with LPAR, 300 GB/15k drives and RAID 10 for Systemi; and 600GB drives with RAID 5

and advanced functions for System p capacity


IBM DS8700 with advanced functions, 300 GB/15k drives and RAID 10 for Systemi performance; and

600 GB drives and RAID 5 for System p capacity

D. IBM DS5100 with Enhanced Remote Mirror, 600GB/15k drives and RAID 5 for System p; and

300GB/15k drives and RAID 10 for Systemi capacity

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Correct Answer: C


A storage administrator wants to configure the DS8000 CIM Agent for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for

Disk Version 4.1.1. What is the required tool to configure the CIM Agent?

A. the DS command line interface

B. the Storage Manager interface on the HMC

C. the DS8000 Storage Manager

D. the DS CIM command line interface (DSCIMCLI)

Correct Answer: D


Several IBM i partitions at a customer site provide outdated contact information to IBM when problems are reported. Which command should be used to correct the contact information?




D. WRKCNTINE, option 2

Correct Answer: D