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A solution implementer is creating a multi-protocol gateway to proxy SFTP server requests. An AAA Policy

is configured on the SFTP front side handler to provide user authentication for the SFTP connection.

Which Extract Identity method should the solution implementer configure in the AAA Policy to extract the

SFTP user\’s credentials?

A. Client IP Address method.

B. Processing Metadata method, specifying the sftp-metadata metadata item.

C. Processing Metadata method, specifying the ssh-password-metadata metadata item.

D. Custom Template method, specifying a url to a custom stylesheet that will determine the credentials.

Correct Answer: C


A solution implementer needs to integrate the following security profile.

What must the solution implementer do to a message to satisfy this policy?

A. Encrypt and sign the body of the message.

B. Encrypt the body and header. Sign BOTH body and header.

C. Encrypt the body, sign the message and use an X.509 Token.

D. Encrypt the body, sign the Parts, and use an UsernameToken.

Answer: C



Due to an enterprise-wide license agreement, a company uses a database from a particular

vendor. The database to be used for development is supported per the

System_Requirements_Guide.pdf. The testing, staging, and production deployments are however

going to use a different database (from a different vendor), which is also a supported database.

Which statement is true about this situation?

A. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite allows for the databases to be different between

development, testing, staging and productiondeployments.

B. Since the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite uses standard JDBC to connect to the

database, questions around compatibility ofdatabases must be directed to the database vendors.

C. Even though it might work, the IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite deployment will be

supported by IBM only if the database used forproduction remains the same as the one used for


D. The IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite deployment contains code that is database

specific; therefore, it is not advisable to use differentdatabase providers between development and

production environments.

Answer: A



Which statement is true about a reference to the last element in an HTML table?

A. It will automatically overwrite any reference to previous elements in the same table.

B. It can be created by selecting “Last occurrence” in the reference properties.

C. It can be created by matching the last instance of the element tag with a regular expression.

D. It can only be captured by writing custom code to count the table elements.

Answer: B


What should an administrator do to enable remote SQL between IBM i systems?

A. Create a *RMTSQL device description for the target system.

B. Use ADDRDBDIRE to add remote locations for the target system.

C. Create a DDM Pile in QUSRSYS with the name of the target system.

D. Use CRTCPGL to create a *RMTSQL type configuration list and add the target system to the list.

Correct Answer: B