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A customer needs 40 TB for Tier 2 Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) data installed on the System

z/VM. Their current data center is critically short of floor space. Which of the following would satisfy the

customer requirement?

A. a DS5300 withFibre Channel drives

B. an XIV with 15 modules of 1 TB drives

C. a DS5100 with 2 TB SATA drives

D. an XIV with 6 modules of 1 TB drives

Correct Answer: B — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass


The login failure (three strikes) policy available for IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-

business V6.1.1 enables a maximum number of failed login attempts (N) and a penalty

lockout time to be set. In a configuration where there is more than one (M) WebSEAL and a

load balancer that does not have any stickiness rule, what is the minimum number of failed

login attempts the policy will enforce?

A. N

B. N x M

C. N M

D. M x (N -1)

Answer: A



When you run a parallel job, any error messages and warnings are written to the job log and can

be viewed from the Director client. What message handler level is available?

A. stage level

B. record level

C. project level

D. parameter level

Answer: C



A solution implementer has created a multi-protocol gateway to pass messages to a backend

server. The complete contents of all request messages should be logged; performance is a high

priority but the transaction should not fail if the log server is down. Which logging mechanisms

should the solution implementer use to satisfy both requirements?

A. Add an SQL action to the start of the request rule for the message that uses an INSERT


B. Add a Log action to start of the request rule for the message and set the Asynchronous option

to On.

C. Add an MQ Log Target for the request message with an Object Filter referencing the service

handling the request.

D. Add an Extract action to the start of the request rule for the message setting the XPath field to

“/” to extract the complete request message.

Answer: B



XML Schemas can be used to define which of the following?

A. New built-in simple data types

B. New data types with numeric range limitations

C. New data types limited to an enumerated set of values

D. New data types that must fit a particular format, such as a phone number

E. New data types automatically, based on actual values found in an XML document

Answer: B, C, D