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A customer selected option 21 from the SAVE menu, entered their tape library TAPMLBO1 and selected to start the backup immediately. They receive the message “*MOUNTED not correct.” What should the administrator do before restarting the save?

A. Use SETTAPOGY to the desired tape category.

B. In WRKMLBSTS allocate the tape drive resource.

C. Initialize the tape to correctly match the cartridge ID.

D. Assure that at least two tapes are ready and initialized in the library.

Correct Answer: A


The high level solution document indicates that the WebSEAL deployment must be highly

available and that user sessions will be maintained across multiple WebSEAL servers to

enhance the user experience when a WebSEAL becomes unavailable. What is included in

the high level configuration document to satisfy these requirements?

A. the use of load balancers

B. the use of LDAP replication

C. the use of a WebSEAL cluster

D. the use of a Policy Server cluster

Answer: C



The following changes are made to a Worklight mobile application: 1.Web resources of version 1 (v1) are

updated and deployed to the Worklight Server. 2.A new version 2 (v2) is deployed with its updateSilently

property set to true. What will be the direct update user experience on a device running v1 of the

application when the user chooses to receive update?

A. v1 is uninstalled first followed by a silent installation of v2.

B. v1 web resources are updated first followed by a silent installation of v2.

C. v1 web resources are reloaded after the update and the application remains on v1.

D. The user is prompted to choose between updating v1 or installing v2 in the background.

Correct Answer: C


The storage specialist needs to prepare an IBM System Storage DS8800 proposal including 64 host ports.

The offer needs to meet the lowest possible price. What is the minimum number of I/O Enclosure Pairs

PCI-E for this configuration?

A. one I/O enclosure pair PCI-E

B. two I/O enclosure pairs PCI-E

C. four I/O-enclosure pairs PCI-E

D. eight I/O-enclosure pairs PCI-E

Correct Answer: B


In IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, which two users can have data access policy


A. Supplier

B. Hub User

C. Customer

D. Node User

E. Default User

F. Enterprise User

Answer: D,F