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In a current implementation of IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, only default demand

types are used. A sales order is created for an Item with a quantity of 10 and the order is in

“Created” status. What will be the status of the inventory demand for this Item quantity 10?






Answer: C



Which of the following statements regarding XPath is TRUE?

A. XPath is new enough that the W3C has not yet adopted it as a


Operations management has identified a list of activities for its staff to perform in their DataPower

appliances. The solution implementer has installed WebSphere Appliance Management Center (WAMC)

V5. What activities can the solution implementer recommend to operations management to perform with

WAMC? (choose 3)

A. Create and delete domains and services.

B. Perform a secure backup at the appliance level.

C. Perform a standard backup at the domain level or the appliance level.

D. Deploy firmware from the WAMC repository to one or more appliances at a time.

E. Download firmware upgrades from IBM Fix Central into the WAMC repository.

F. Upload files such as style sheets and schemas from the WAMC repository to the appliances.

Correct Answer: ABD


Which of the following is the correct procedure to update the BIOS on LS42 blades without using

the AMM?

A. Insert the UpdateeXpress Service Pack Installer (UXSPI) CD, boot the LS42 blade and follow

the prompts

B. Boot the blade to the Bootable Media Creator (BoMC) CD and follow the prompts

C. Press F1 when the LS42 system is booting, select Update BIOS, insert the diskette into the

diskette drive, and select OK

D. Use the Remote Supervisor Adapter virtual disk

Answer: B


A customer has an IBM System Storage DS8700 at their primary site and an XIV system at their recovery

site, which is 9.5 kilometers away. They want to replicate data for disaster recovery backup. Which factor

is a primary consideration when proposing a solution for this customer?

A. compatibility of copy functions

B. difference in capacities in the two systems

C. cache size discrepancies between the two systems

D. the necessity of using two storage management products

Correct Answer: A