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Question 1:

. Which of the following could lead to an unintentional loss of confidentiality? Choose the BEST answer.

A. Lack of employee awareness of a company\’s information security policy

B. Failure to comply with a company\’s information security policy

C. A momentary lapse of reason

D. Lack of security policy enforcement procedures

Correct Answer: A


Lack of employee awareness of a company\’s information security policy could lead to an unintentional loss of confidentiality.

Question 2:


What is an edit check to determine whether a field contains valid data?

A. Completeness check

B. Accuracy check

C. Redundancy check

D. Reasonableness check

Correct Answer: A


A completeness check is an edit check to determine whether a field contains valid datA.

Question 3:

. Business process re-engineering often results in ______________ automation, which results in _____________ number of people using technology. Fill in the blanks.

A. Increased; a greater

B. Increased; a fewer

C. Less; a fewer

D. Increased; the same

Correct Answer: A


Business process re-engineering often results in increased automation, which results in a greater number of people using technology.

Question 4:

Which of the following should be included in an organization\’s IS security policy?

A. A list of key IT resources to be secured

B. The basis for access authorization

C. Identity of sensitive security features

D. Relevant software security features

Correct Answer: B


Explanation: The security policy provides the broad framework of security, as laid down and approved by senior management. It includes a definition of those authorized to grant access and the basis for granting the access. Choices A, B and C are more detailed than that which should be included in a policy.

Question 5:

An IS auditor is reviewing an IT security risk management program. Measures of security risk should:

A. address all of the network risks.

B. be tracked over time against the IT strategic plan.

C. take into account the entire IT environment.

D. result in the identification of vulnerability tolerances.

Correct Answer: C



When assessing IT security risk, it is important to take into account the entire IT environment. Measures of security risk should focus on those areas with the highest criticality so as to achieve maximum risk reduction at the lowest possible cost. IT strategic plans are not granular enough to provide appropriate measures. Objective metrics must be tracked over time against measurable goals, thus the management of risk is enhanced by comparing today\’s results against last week, last month, last quarter. Risk measures will profile assets on a network to objectively measure vulnerability risk. They do not identify tolerances.

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Question 6:

Before implementing an IT balanced scorecard, an organization must:

A. deliver effective and efficient services.

B. define key performance indicators.

C. provide business value to IT projects.

D. control IT expenses.

Correct Answer: B


Explanation: A definition of key performance indicators is required before implementing an IT

balanced scorecard. Choices A, C and D are objectives.

Question 7:

Which of the following is an object-oriented technology characteristic that permits an enhanced degree of security over data?

A. inheritance

B. Dynamic warehousing

C. Encapsulation

D. Polymorphism

Correct Answer: C

Encapsulation is a property of objects, and it prevents accessing either properties or methods that have not been previously defined as public. This means that any implementation of the behavior of an object is not accessible. An object defines a communication interface with the exterior and only that which belongs to that interface can be accessed.

Question 8:

The computer security incident response team (CSIRT) of an organization disseminates detailed descriptions of recent threats. An IS auditor\’s GREATEST concern should be that the users might:

A. use this information to launch attacks.

B. forward the security alert.

C. implement individual solutions.

D. fail to understand the threat.

Correct Answer: A


An organization\’s computer security incident response team (CSIRT) should disseminate recent threats, security guidelines and security updates to the users to assist them in understanding the security risk of errors and omissions. However, this introduces the risk that the users may use this information to launch attacks, directly or indirectly. An IS auditor should ensure that the CSIRT is actively involved with users to assist them in mitigation of risks arising from security failures and to prevent additional security incidents resulting from the same threat. Forwarding the security alert is not harmful to the organization, implementing individual solutions is unlikely and users failing to understand the threat would not be a serious concern.

Question 9:

An IS auditor performing a telecommunication access control review should be concerned PRIMARILY with the:

A. maintenance of access logs of usage of various system resources.

B. authorization and authentication of the user prior to granting access to system resources.

C. adequate protection of stored data on servers by encryption or other means.

D. accountability system and the ability to identify any terminal accessing system resources.

Correct Answer: B


The authorization and authentication of users is the most significant aspect in a telecommunications access control review, as it is a preventive control. Weak controls at this level can affect all other aspects. The maintenance of access logs of usage of system resources is a detective control. The adequate protection of data being transmitted to and from servers by encryption or other means is a method of protecting information during transmission and is not an access issue. The accountability system and the ability to identify any terminal

accessing system resources deal with controlling access through the identification of a terminal.

Question 10:

Which of the following is a passive attack to a network?

A. Message modification

B. Masquerading

C. Denial of service

D. Traffic analysis

Correct Answer: D

The intruder determines the nature of the flow of traffic (traffic analysis) between defined

hosts and is able to guess the type of communication taking place. Message modification

involves the capturing of a message and making unauthorized changes or deletions,

changing the sequence or delaying transmission of captured messages. Masquerading is an active attack

in which the intruder presents an identity other than the original identity.

Denial of service occurs when a computer connected to thelnternet is flooded with data

and/or requests that must be processed.

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