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Question 1:

. What benefit does using capacity-monitoring software to monitor usage patterns and trends provide to management? Choose the BEST answer.

A. The software can dynamically readjust network traffic capabilities based upon current usage.

B. The software produces nice reports that really impress management.

C. It allows users to properly allocate resources and ensure continuous efficiency of operations.

D. It allows management to properly allocate resources and ensure continuous efficiency of operations.

Correct Answer: D


Using capacity-monitoring software to monitor usage patterns and trends enables management to properly allocate resources and ensure continuous efficiency of operations.

Question 2:

. How is the risk of improper file access affected upon implementing a database system?

A. Risk varies.

B. Risk is reduced.

C. Risk is not affected.

D. Risk is increased.

Correct Answer: D


Improper file access becomes a greater risk when implementing a database system.

Question 3:

Overall business risk for a particular threat can be expressed as:

A. a product of the probability and magnitude of the impact if a threat successfully exploits a vulnerability.

B. the magnitude of the impact should a threat source successfully exploit the vulnerability.

C. the likelihood of a given threat source exploiting a given vulnerability.

D. the collective judgment of the risk assessment team.

Correct Answer: A


Explanation: Choice A takes into consideration the likelihood and magnitude of the impact and provides the best measure of the risk to an asset. Choice B provides only the likelihood of a threat exploiting a vulnerability in the asset but does not provide the magnitude of the possible damage to the asset. Similarly, choice C considers only the magnitude of the damage and not the possibility of a threat exploiting a vulnerability. Choice D defines the risk on an arbitrary basis and is not suitable for a scientific risk management process.

Question 4:

In an IS audit of several critical servers, the IS auditor wants to analyze audit trails to discover potential anomalies in user or system behavior. Which of the following tools are MOST suitable for performing that task?

A. CASE tools

B. Embedded data collection tools

C. Heuristic scanning tools

D. Trend/variance detection tools

Correct Answer: D


Explanation: Trend/variance detection tools look for anomalies in user or system behavior, for example, determining whether the numbers for prenumbered documents are sequential or increasing. CASE tools are used to assist software development. Embedded (audit) data collection

software is used for sampling and to provide production statistics. Heuristic scanning tools can be used to scan for viruses to indicate possible infected code.

Question 5:

A retail outlet has introduced radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to create unique serial numbers for all products. Which of the following is the PRIMARY concern associated with this initiative?

A. Issues of privacy

B. Wavelength can be absorbed by the human body

C. RFID tags may not be removable

D. RFID eliminates line-of-sight reading

Correct Answer: A


Explanation: The purchaser of an item will not necessarily be aware of the presence of the tag. If a tagged item is paid for by credit card, it would be possible to tie the unique ID of that item to the identity of the purchaser. Privacy violations are a significant concern because RFID can carry unique identifier numbers. If desired it would be possible for a firm to track individuals who

purchase an item containing an RFID. Choices B and C are concerns of less importance. Choice D is not a concern.

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Question 6:

Which of the following is the MOST important IS audit consideration when an organization outsources a customer credit review system to a third-party service provider? The provider:

A. meets or exceeds industry security standards.

B. agrees to be subject to external security reviews.

C. has a good market reputation for service and experience.

D. complies with security policies of the organization.

Correct Answer: B


Explanation: It is critical that an independent security review of an outsourcing vendor be obtained because customer credit information will be kept there. Compliance with security standards or organization policies is important, but there is no way to verify orprove that that is the case

without an independent review. Though long experience in business and good reputation is an important factor to assess service quality, the business cannot outsource to a provider whose security control is weak.

Question 7:

Which of the following types of data validation editing checks is used to determine if a field contains data, and not zeros or blanks?

A. Check digit

B. Existence check

C. Completeness check

D. Reasonableness check

Correct Answer: C

Explanation: A completeness check is used to determine if a field contains data and not zeros or blanks. A check digit is

a digit calculated mathematically to ensure original data were not altered. An existence check also checks entered data for agreement to predetermined criteriA. A reasonableness check matches input to predetermined reasonable limits or occurrence rates.

Question 8:

Which of the following types of testing would determine whether a new or modified system can operate in its target environment without adversely impacting other existing systems?

A. Parallel testing

B. Pilot testing

C. Interface/integration testing

D. Sociability testing

Correct Answer: D


The purpose of sociability testing is to confirm that a new or modified system can operate in its target environment without adversely impacting existing systems. This should cover the platform that will perform primary application processing and interfaces with other systems, as well as changes to the desktop in a client-server or web development. Parallel testing is the process of feeding data into two systems-the modified system and an alternate system-and comparing the results. In this approach, the old and new systems operate concurrently for a period of time and perform the same processing functions. Pilot testing takes place first at one location and is then extended to other locations. The purpose is to see if the new system operates satisfactorily in one place before implementing it at other locations. Interface/integration testing is a hardware or software test that evaluates the connection of two or more components that pass information from one area to another.The objective is to take unit-tested modules and build an integrated structure.

Question 9:

A review of wide area network (WAN) usage discovers that traffic on one communication line between sites, synchronously linking the master and standby database, peaks at 96 percent of the line capacity. An IS auditor should conclude that:

A. analysis is required to determine if a pattern emerges that results in a service loss for a short period of time.

B. WAN capacity is adequate for the maximum traffic demands since saturation has not been reached.

C. the line should immediately be replaced by one with a larger capacity to provide approximately 85 percent saturation.

D. users should be instructed to reduce their traffic demands or distribute them across all service hours to flatten bandwidth consumption.

Correct Answer: A

The peak at 96 percent could be the result of a one-off incident, e.g., a user downloading a large amount of data; therefore, analysis to establish whether this is a regular pattern and what causes this behavior should be carried out before expenditure on a larger line capacity is recommended. Since the link provides for a standby database, a short loss of this service should be acceptable. If the peak is established to be a regular occurrence without any other opportunities for mitigation (usage of bandwidth reservation protocol, or other types of prioritizing network traffic), the line should be replaced as there is the risk of loss of service as the traffic approaches 100 percent. If, however, the peak is a one-off or can be put in othertime frames, then user education may be an option.

Question 10:

In regard to moving an application program from the test environment to the production environment, the BEST control would be to have the:

A. application programmer copy the source program and compiled object module to the production libraries.

B. application programmer copy the source program to the production libraries and then have the production control group compile the program.

C. production control group compile the object module to the production libraries using the source program in the test environment.

D. production control group copy the source program to the production libraries and then compile the program.

Correct Answer: D


The best control would be provided by having the production control group copy the

source program to the production libraries and then compile the program.

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