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An administrator is configuring a new virtual Fibre Channel connection that will use NPIV to connect a

client LPAR to a SAN.

The administrator has created a client adapter in virtual slot 8 and a server adapter in virtual slot 600. The

appropriate virtual adapter definitions have been successfully added into the client and VIO server profiles

and a DLPAR operation to add the virtual adapters into both partitions.

The administrator runs cfgmgr on the client partition but receives an error. The administrator then checks

the definition of the client adapter in AIX

Based on this information, what is the most likely cause of the error?

A. The virtual Fibre Channel server adapters are not supported with virtual slot numbers higher than 512.

B. The virtual server adapter has been incorrectly mapped to virtual slot 3 for the client.

C. The virtual server adapter has not been mapped to a physical Fibre Channel adapter.

D. The virtual Fibre Channel device driver has not been installed on the client.

Correct Answer: C


In a business integration solution, messages are exchanged between the sending application using JMS,

and a receiving application using the native WebSphere MQ API. An administrator executes the following

command to create an object. InitCtx> define q(D_Q1) queue(Q1) targclient(MQ) Which one of the

following statements is true?

A. The MQRFH2 is added in the messages in Q1.

B. The MQRFH2 is stripped from the messages in Q1.

C. The receiving application must be able to add the MQRFH2.

D. The receiving application must be able to strip the MQRFH2.

Correct Answer: B




There are multiple instances of a cluster queue. Which of the following is recommended practice for the

default binding (DEFBIND) parameter?

A. Allow the local WebSphere MQ administrators to define default binding as they think best foreach

instance of the queue.

B. Require the WebSphere MQ administrators to set default binding to the same value for allinstances of

the queue in the cluster.

C. The solution designer should consult with the development team and local WebSphere

MQadministrator to determine how best to configure default binding of each queue manager.

D. The best option is to accept the default setting for default binding on each queue manager, asit should

have been given the optimal setting by its WebSphere MQ administrator.

Correct Answer: B


An administrator wants to prevent applications from publishing messages to the topic tree below Counters/

Application. What MQSC command will accomplish this task?

A. DEFINE TOPIC(Counters/Application) PUB(NO)

B. DEFINE TOPIC(Counters/Application) PUB(DISABLED)



Correct Answer: D




What is a valid integration strategy to an existing IBM endpoint security solution when IBM Tivoli

Service Automation Manager (TSAM) is used to create an Infrastructure as a Service cloud?

A. TSAM interacts with the hypervisor to trigger the installation of end point management

capabilities in the cloud.

B. Install an agent using its software stack installation capability. The endpoint solution will handle

the rest of the interaction.

C. TSAM will provision an instance of the existing endpoint security solution so that the newly

provisioned virtual machines can be related to the endpoint management domain.

D. Define virtual machine templates that have the required software already installed. Then TSAM

will orchestrate the interaction between the virtual machines and the corresponding endpoint

security solution.

Answer: B



A customer would like to implement an IBM System Storage DS8000 solution. A Capacity Magic study has

determined that 500 drives of 450 GB are required to meet the customer\’s capacity requirements. Limited

space is available for additional systems in the data center. Which solution best meets the customer\’s


A. DS8800 system with three frames

B. DS8800 system with one frame

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DS8700 system with two frames


DS8800 system with two frames

Correct Answer: D


How does the Complex Flat File stage (CFF) support the use of OCCURS clauses within COBOL


A. Each element of the OCCURS clause is treated as a subrecord.

B. The CFF stage cannot process COBOL files with OCCURS clauses.

C. Each element of the OCCURS clause is treated as a column of raw data.

D. Each element of the OCCURS clause is treated as a separate element in an array.

Answer: D



In the Configured Rules section of the Policy Editor, two request rules are listed, Rule_One, followed by

Rule_Two, and both use the same matching rule.

What occurs when a message that satisfies the matching rule is received?

A. Only Rule_One will be executed since it is the first rule that matches the request.

B. Rule_One will be executed, followed by Rule_Two, since all rules that satisfy the match are executed.

C. This policy will fail during execution, since it cannot be determined which rule should be executed.

D. The policy will not be applied, since the Policy Editor will not allow a configuration of rules that have the

same match.

Correct Answer: A


An IBM Power System with AIX customer is using an IBM System Storage DS8800 in

location A and an IBM System Storage DS5300 in location B 25 km across town. The

customer wants a redundant copy in location B for disaster recovery. Which of the

following solutions will best satisfy this requirement?

A. FlashCopyonaDS8800

B. SAN Volume Controllers with FlashCopy

C. SAN Volume Controllers with Metro Mirror

D. Global Mirror on the DS8800 and Enhanced Remote Mirror on the DS5300

Answer: C


A retailer recently upgraded their IBM Sterling Order Management from an older version to 9.1.

While verifying the installation after the upgrade was completed, the resource manager found that

the APIs were not returning data from the extended columns of product tables. The release

manager believes the root cause to be a defective build process. Which aspect of the build

process was defective?

A. The build process was not using the correct version of the JVM to compile the custom classes.

B. There is nothing wrong with the build process. Data from extended columns will not be carried

over as part of an upgrade.

C. In order to view data from extended columns, custom classes following the “data access object”

pattern have to be written and compiled as part of the build process.

D. The database extension xml was not present in the correct folder and hence the build process

was not including it and did not detect any of the database extensions.

Answer: D