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A customer has installed an IBM System Storage DS8700 with 20 TB of storage, two-way processor

version, 32 GB cache, and 16 Fibre Channel ports. The customer is beginning to experience throughput

performance issues. To address this performance consideration with minimal cost to the customer, which

of the following should be the FIRST step to resolve the problem?

A. add an expansion frame with additionalFibre Channel ports

B. increase the amount of storage by 20 TB

C. conduct a Disk Magic study to identify the source of the performance issue

D. add additionalFibre Channel ports to the existing DS8700

Correct Answer: C


An enterprise application must be started through the console. Which of these administrative

roles would be the minimum required?

A. Monitor

B. Configurator

C. Administrator

D. Operator

Answer: D


In addition to the objects in the /home directory, what additional objects are saved when SAV OBJ ((`/ home/\’ *INCLUDE)) is used?

A. Sub-directoriesObjects in the sub-directories

B. Sub-directoriesOmitting objects in the sub-directories

C. Security assignmentsOmitting sub-directories and their objects

D. Sub-directoriesObjects in the sub-directoriesSecurity assignments

Correct Answer: A


A mainframe customer would like to receive a proposal for a mainframe storage system with 120 TB raw

capacity. The mainframe server load is not too high, and they need hard disk drives with the lowest

possible power consumption to keep operating costs low. The customer will not increase the capacity of

their mainframe applications in the future but rather invest later into their System p servers. Which of the

following solutions best meets these requirements at the lowest cost?

A. offer a DS8700 system with 600 GB FC drives

B. offer a DS8800 system with standard cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

C. offer a DS8800 system with business class cabling and 600 GB SAS drives

D. offer a DS8800 system with SATA drives

Correct Answer: C


An administrator has been asked to update an IBM i 7.1 system to the most current Technology Refresh available from IBM. Which method is the most appropriate to achieve the update?

A. Perform a D-mode IPL using the Technology Group PTF package SF99707.

B. Perform a slip install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

C. Perform a scratch install using the most current 1_Base_01 resave media available.

D. Perform an install of the Technology Group PTF package SF99707 using the GO PTF menu.

Correct Answer: D


Consider the following portion of an XML document:

Which of the following is TRUE concerning events in DOM?



Refer to the exhibit to answer the question.

A retail company is in the process of defining a product catalog. The requirements specify that the

product be uniquely identified by its SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and contain a product name, a

product description, and a price. Additionally, some products can have up to five accessories.

Each accessory is a product by itself. Therefore, only the SKU of the accessories need to be

related to the product. Finally, it is also a requirement to enable addition of a promotion code that

would be effective during a specific period of time.

Products are currently modeled as given in the following format:

<Product SKU=


Best practices would have no single point of failure between mirrored resources. In setting up

virtual, internal boot disks for two client LPARs, how would this be accomplished?

A. Have one VIO server with striped disks for all LPARs

B. Have one VIO server with mirrored disks for all LPARs

C. Have two VIO servers with each LPAR accessing both VIO servers

D. Have two VIO servers with each LPAR accessing a different VIO server

Answer: C


In a current implementation of IBM Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite, the Application and Agent

Servers are running on an AIX Server. Which startup script will start the Health Monitor Agent?






Answer: C



An IBM Business Partner suggests an IBM System Storage DS8000 to a customer with a SAN that is now

configured with an EMC Symmetrix subsystem disk. The customer wants to determine if new HBAs and

software upgrades are needed on the servers if the EMC storage is replaced by the DS8000 What

document must be carefully read to help address the customer\’s concerns?

A. IBM System Storage DS8000: Host Systems Attachment Guide

B. DS8000 Interoperability Matrix

C. IBM System Storage DS8000: Introduction and Planning Guide

D. IBM System Storage Solution Handbook

Correct Answer: B — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass