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The Policy Server is running on with a Tivoli Directory Server on The single WebSEAL Server,, protects these two

identical back-end servers: and

pdadmin command(s) are required to configure a junction for the backend servers?

A. server task default-webseald-www create -t tcp -h /junction

B. server task default-webseald-www create -t tcp -h -h /junction

C. server task default-webseald-www create -t tcp -h

/junctionserver task default-webseald-www add -h /junction

D. server task default-webseald-www create -t tcp -h

/junctionserver task default-webseald-www add -t tcp -h /junction

Answer: C



An administrator is designing a new system for their existing batch environment. The current system is a

POWER5 570 with 16 cores and 128GB of RAM with a single LPAR running AIX 5.3. It takes 12 hours to

run their large batch job which is heavily CPU bound on 4 the available CPUs. The new system will be a

Power 770 with 16 cores, 128GB of RAM and the LPAR will run AIX 6.1.What should be done to maximize

the batch performance?

A. Activate TurboCore mode during batch processing

B. Disable Simultaneous Multi-threading

C. Disable Multiple Shared Processor Pools

D. Set the processor compatibility mode to POWER7

Correct Answer: B


An administrator would like to use system plans to clone the partition definitions of an existing Power 795

system to a new Power 795. Both systems have the same hardware configuration.

When the administrator attempts to deploy the system plan taken from the old system to the new one the

\’Deploy System Plan\’ wizard fails at the hardware validation stage.

Which of the following actions would allow the administrator to deploy the system plan from the old system

to the new?

A. Select the \’Ignore Hardware Validation\’ option when deploying the System Plan.

B. Use the System Plan Conversion Wizard from the System Plans menu on the HMC.

C. Export the original sysplan with the \’Allow Deployment On Remote System1 option.

D. Use the System Planning Tool (SPT) to validate and convert the original system plan for deployment.

Correct Answer: D


When selling against competition, which of the following focus on the iDataPlex value proposition?

A. Superior chip density

B. Balance performance, cost, andpower cooling efficiency

C. Flexible configurations ready for integration and testing at thecustomers data center

D. Standard rack mounting

Answer: B


When planning a new Power 770 system, how can an administrator ensure that a database LPAR is

prevented from sharing processors with any Multiple Shared-Processor Pools, regardless of whether the

LPAR is active?

A. Unselect the processor sharing options in the LPAR profile.

B. Define the LPAR with a unique shared processor pool.

C. Set the processor compatibility mode to POWER6.

D. Set the processor sharing mode for all LPARs to capped.

Correct Answer: A