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One of the key decision making factors in a very competitive opportunity will be cost.

Companycom needs an aggregate rPerf rating of 120. What is the best solution?

A. Two p5 570 16 way 1.9 MHz machines

B. One p5 590 32 way 1.65 MHz machines

C. One p5 595 32 way 1.65 MHz machines

D. Two p5 570 16 way 1.65 MHz machines

Answer: D


A solution implementer creates a request to the XML Management Interface as shown in the

following exhibit:

The XML Management Interface configuration on all appliances is configured with the property

“SOAP Management URI” enabled. There may be other unsaved changes in this domain. Which

of the following statements about the request are true? (choose 2)

A. Using no URI for the request will be successful.

B. Using a URI for the request of /service/mgmt/current will be successful.

C. Only the logging target configuration will be saved.

D. Only the remote address property of the logging target object will be modified.

E. The request will modify the logging target object\’s remote address property and set its other

properties to their default values.

Answer: A,D



There are multiple property files which control the behavior of the FFDC filter. All of the following

are FFDC property files EXCEPT:

A. – used while the server is starting

B. – used after the server is ready

C. – used whenever an exception occurs

D. – used while the server is in the process of stopping

Answer: C


A customer is upgrading an HMC to a new release using Recovery DVD5 for the new release level. Which action must be completed before performing the upgrade from DVD process?

A. Run the `HMC Management> Back Up HMC Data\’ to DVD.

B. Run the `HMC Management> Save Upgrade Data\’ to HMC disk.

C. Run the `HMC Management> Back Up HMC Data\’ to NFS server.

D. Run the `HMC Management> Save Upgrade Data\’ to the administrator\’s PC.

Correct Answer: B


Which special authorities are required to allow a user to change user profiles on a system with QSECURITY set to 40?





Correct Answer: B