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(Stylesheet A imports stylesheets B and C in that order; stylesheet B imports stylesheet D;

stylesheet C imports stylesheet E:

Stylesheet A

Stylesheet B

Stylesheet D

Stylesheet C

Stylesheet E

The order of processing precedence from LOWEST to HIGHEST would be:

A. E, C, D, B, A

B. D, B, E, C, A

C. A, C, E, B, D

D. A. B C, D, E

Answer: B


A tape cycle consists of 5 daily save tapes. After restoring a library from the Monday tape the administrator discovered that the library restored was from 2 weeks ago rather than last week.

Which action will allow the administrator to restore the correct version of the library in the future?

A. Modify the save procedure to initialize the tape prior to the save.

B. Use the OMITLIB parameter on the restore to omit the older versions of the library.

C. Use sequence number *LAST on the restore to restore the most recent version of the library.

D. Use the POSITION parameter on the restore to specify *LASTSAV restoring only the most recent version.

Correct Answer: A


An administrator manages a Power 750 server for application development testing. Full system

environments need to be deployed quickly to perform functional application testing. What is the fastest

method for the administrator to deploy new AIX environments for the testing staff?

A. Install a VIO server and install testing LPARs utilizing virtualized network and disks.

B. Install a NIM server LPAR on the system and perform installations on testing LPARs through Virtual

Ethernet adapters.

C. Use alt_disk_install to maintain a new image on alternate disks on testing LPARs.

D. Create a global LPAR and create test environments using WPAR.

Correct Answer: D


A developer is invoking a SQL adapter procedure from a mobile application. The procedure is named

getModelByYear and returns data from a table named Auto as follows:

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Which option represents the returned data when the procedure is invoked with the parameter 2005?

A. Option A

B. Option B

C. Option C

D. Option D

Correct Answer: B


A banking company has deployed the Application Center for internal use. Before users can see the mobile

client application in the list of available applications, which property of the mobile client application must be

set to true?

A. Label

B. Package

C. Installer

D. Recommended

Correct Answer: C