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Journaling of a large library is running on SYSTEMA and the journal is system managed. Remote

journaling to

SYSTEMB has been configured. Due to a communications problem between SYSTEMA and SYSTEMB,

remote journaling is not working and cannot be quickly restarted.

Disk utilization on SYSTEMA is increasing rapidly. To reduce disk utilization the administrator tries to

delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA. Attempts fail and the following message displays:

CPF705F: Receiver not replicated to 1 remote journals.

What must the administrator do to delete journal receivers on SYSTEMA?

A. Delete and recreate only the journal, and then delete the receivers.

B. Stop journaling, as this must be ended first, and then delete the receivers.

C. Use the DLTJRNRCV command and change the delete option parameter to ignore target receivers.

D. Use the CHGJRN command to change the Manage Receivers parameter to allow user management of journal receivers and then delete the receivers.

Correct Answer: C


Which two components are required to create an initial management domain? (Choose


A. Policy Server

B. Registry Server

C. Policy Proxy Server

D. Authorization Server

E. Session Management Server

Answer: A,B



The Policy Server is running on with a Tivoli Directory Server on The single WebSEAL Server,, protects these two

identical back-end servers: and

server,, has been down for the last 30 minutes and just started to

serve requests again. The other server,, is currently serving 200

sessions. Assuming that 100 new sessions start in the next two minutes and that no

sessions time out, how would the sessions be divided between the two servers in two

minutes time with a stateful junction?

A. 50 on, 250 on

B. 200 on, 100 on

C. 100 on, 200 on

D. 150 on, 150 on

Answer: C



What is used to gather information on a Windows host that will be used for determining the optimum

configuration of an IBM System Storage DS8700?

A. Disk Magic

B. PerfMon

C. iostat

D. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Data

Correct Answer: B


What are two functions of the Policy Server? (Choose two.)

A. It maintains the operating file system.

B. It gets the latest information about the patch level.

C. It gives the date and time for the current transaction.

D. It maintains the location information about other IBM Tivoli Access Manager servers.

E. It maintains the master authorization database and processes updates for the

authorization database.

Answer: D,E