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A coach view was created for a company that displays an image. Within the coach view, the stock

Image coach view is used and its binding is a managed asset web file. The company has

requested that this coach view be able to display different managed asset web files based on user

feedback. Assuming that client side JavaScript will be used within the coach view\’s change event

handler and that the asset name is stored in a variable named companyImage, which code

fragment will retrieve the URL of a managed asset?

A. this.context.get(companyImage, “WEB”)

B. this.context.options.get(companyImage, “WEB”)

C. tw.system.model.findManagedFileByPath(companyImage, TWManagedFile.Types.Web )

D. com_ibm_bpm_coach.getManagedAssetUrl(companyImage,


Answer: D


What are two support system domains that relate to Platform Services Adoption Pattern? (Choose


A. Data Support System

B. Network Support System

C. Security Support System

D. Business Support System

E. Operational Support System

Answer: D,E



Which of the following steps does a customer use to upgrade the firmware on the AMM to the

latest level?

A. Open a Web browser and log on to the IMM?in the navigation frame, click IMM Firmware

Update under

IMM Control? click Browse? select the .exe file? click the Upgrade/Update button

B. TFTP to the AMM?from the Main Menu, select Update? browse to the downloaded .exe file

C. Telnet to AMM?from the Main Menu, select Update? browse to the downloaded .pkt file

D. Open a Web browser and log on to the AMM?in the navigation frame, click AMM Firmware

Update under AMM Control? click Browse? select the .pkt file? click the Upgrade/Update button

Answer: D


Who is responsible for the hardware and application costs in an Infrastructure as a Service public


A. The public cloud provider

B. The consumer ordering the service

C. The hardware vendor supplying the hosting infrastructure

D. The hardware costs are paid for by the public cloud provider and the application costs are paid

for by the consumer

Answer: D



When a client is connecting to the server an error occurs. Which two actions identify the source of

the problem? (Choose two.)

A. Issue the ENABLE PROCESSES ALL command.

B. Issue theTEST PORT command.

C. If communication methods were changed, issue the DISABLE command for the previous

communication method.

D. If network settings were changed, make sure client and server options files were changed to

reflect the new settings.

E. If the server communication settings were changed, either update the client communication

options or revert to the previous method.

Answer: D,E