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A customer with a single IBM System Storage DS8100 reports severe performance problems for some of

their applications when a particular data warehousing application creates a heavy load. What is the most

cost effective way to resolve this issue?

A. add additional disks to the DS8100

B. add more cache to the DS8100

C. move affected volumes to a different disk enclosure

D. implement TPC for Disk to monitor performance

Correct Answer: C — 100% Real QandAs | 100% Real Pass


How can cloud computing improve service delivery?

A. By providing monthly or pay per usage billing models

B. By abstracting underlying hardware using virtualization

C. By enabling service providers to provide multi-instance solutions

D. By automating processes used to request and provision workloads

Answer: D



A customer has a request to authenticate based on three elements; a user-id, a password,

and a secret key. The customer wants to build a solution using SharePoint .NET. This

SharePoint is installed on a separate server since WebSEAL is running on AIX. What is the

most suitable approach for meeting this requirement?

A. Modify the WebSEAL configuration file to include the secret key.

B. Modify the loginpage, /opt/pdweb/www-default/lib/html/C/login.html, to include the secret


C. Use the External Authentication Interface to dispatch the authentication process to

SharePoint using http requests.

D. Use the Cross Domain Authentication Service extension to break out of the WebSEAL

and connect to a custom build SharePoint process.

Answer: C



What is a valid integration strategy to an existing IBM endpoint security solution when IBM Tivoli

Service Automation Manager (TSAM) is used to create an Infrastructure as a Service cloud?

A. TSAM interacts with the hypervisor to trigger the installation of end point management

capabilities in the cloud.

B. Install an agent using its software stack installation capability. The endpoint solution will handle

the rest of the interaction.

C. TSAM will provision an instance of the existing endpoint security solution so that the newly

provisioned virtual machines can be related to the endpoint management domain.

D. Define virtual machine templates that have the required software already installed. Then TSAM

will orchestrate the interaction between the virtual machines and the corresponding endpoint

security solution.

Answer: B



A customer must compare a date column with a job parameter date to determine which output

links the row belongs on. What stage should be used for this requirement?

A. Filter stage

B. Switch stage

C. Compare stage

D. Transformer stage

Answer: D