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Companycom wants to apply a PTF to the p5 590 system. After doing a preview install, the output

shows there is insufficient space in the /usr filesystem. The root volume group has no available

physical partitions left. They do not want to add additional disk drives to the system, but have a

jfs2 filesystem that is only 8% used. What could they do to utilize space in the jfs2 filesystem to

apply this PTF?

A. Backup the filesystem and recreate smaller

B. Use the chfs to reduce the filesystem size

C. Use cplv to copy filesystem to smaller size

D. Use migratepv to copy filesystem to smaller size

Answer: B


An administrator needs to establish a long-term system performance monitoring process. The administrator needs to show long-term trends in CPU and disk capacity use, with the limits for the processor model on charts.

Which tool should the administrator use to support this requirement?

A. IBM i Performance Explorer (PEX)

B. IBM System Director Navigator for i

C. System i Navigator Management Central

D. IBM Performance Management for Power Systems

Correct Answer: D


Where in IBM i Navigator can suggestions for improved database performance generated by the system be viewed and implemented?

A. Index Advisor

B. Health Center

C. Database Navigator

D. SQL Plan Cache Event Monitors

Correct Answer: A


An organization is currently migrating its application to XML. The document instances are created

mostly from back-end processes; however, they also receive accounts-receivable and bill-oflading

data from two business partners. Which of the following factors support the use of XML

Schemas instead of DTDs for validation?

A. The vocabulary is proprietary.

B. The DTD is comprised of internal and external subsets dependent on instance usage.

C. Namespace support is being built into the application.

D. Strong datatyping is needed by the application.

Answer: C, D


Consider the following scenario:

A company needs to display employee contact information in its intranet. The information is

available in XML Format from an XML-aware employee database. It is required that the top of

document should contain an index of employee names, so that clicking on an employee name will

display the employee